Oral Health Tips: A Bedtime Guide To Care For Your Teeth

oral health care

Have you ever wondered, why does our breath smell bad the next morning even when we slept sound without eating anything? Well, this is because the bacterias keep gathering in your mouth while you sleep. Sounds scary, isn’t it? Well, one cannot completely stop the formation as our body works differently while it is asleep.

So, what you can do is follow some tips for oral dental care before going to bed which will definitely improve oral hygiene and slow down the process of plaque formation.

Proper Dinner Diet

oral health care

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A healthy diet at night is reflected on your oral hygiene for the upcoming whole day. Our mouth needs to produce constant saliva to keep-up with oral health. So consuming high nutrient food item like apples, carrots, and calcium-rich nuts help you maintain your oral health.

Don’t Forget To Brush

oral health care

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Many people tend to avoid brushing at night as they do not realize that the food we consume through the entire day forms small bacterias in our mouth if not cleaned properly. Brushing teeth twice a day prevents the formation of cavities and helps you retain your oral health.

Use A Mouthwash

oral health care

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A mouthwash not only refreshes your breath but also helps in preventing plaque formation while you sleep. A doctor recommended mouthwash is surely helpful more than breath freshener.

Do not grind your teeth

oral health care

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If you are one of the people who have the habit of grinding teeth in your sleep, then we suggest you consult your doctor as teeth grinding weakens the tooth muscle and wears out the teeth enamel. As the habit cannot be controlled dentists provide you with a mouth guard to protect the teeth.

Cleansing your tongue

oral health care

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Many people are unaware of about the fact that keeping your tongue clean forms part of the oral health care. Even your tongue formulates some type of bacterias, which can produce bad breath if not cleaned properly.

Using an electric toothbrush

oral health care

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An electric toothbrush can do many things that a normal toothbrush cannot. This is because an electric toothbrush has a rotating and vibrating movement which removes the plaque in a better way than a normal toothbrush.

At last, the dentists recommend maintaining oral health hygiene with home products along with regular dental visits, because you never know when can a small bacteria can start creating bigger problems.