Ovarian Cancer: Diagnosis The Symptoms For Early Treatment

ovarian cancer

Cancer is a threatening disease that scares everyone and it is such kind of disease which can even cause death and that too painful if treatment is not done in correct time. Cancer basically takes place when our cells start getting divided abnormally which damages or destroys our body tissues. There are various kinds of cancer which can happen in any body part or ours and ovarian cancer is one of them. This cancer can only take place in women occurs in ovary where female produce eggs. At first it come in a form of an ovarian tumor and then turns out into an ovarian cancer. This cancer is though curable but you need to begin the treatment soon otherwise it may spread over the area and can be untreatable as well. For starting the treatment on time we need to know about the symptoms of this cancer so here are few ovarian cancer symptoms which you should never ignore:

Lower abdominal pain or pelvis pain:

ovarian cancer

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This is one of the most common sign of ovarian cancer, in this situation you may experience tremendous main at the abdominal part of the body and not only just the abdominal part but the pain may take place anywhere in the lower half of the body. This pain would generally last for few days and if you are also the same kind of pain which is not fading away since last 2-3 days then it is the time for you to visit a good oncologist and get the best treatment to cure the cancer as soon as possible. This pain increases the most during the time of period and sometimes it become unbearable.

Back pain:

ovarian cancer

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Getting back pain is quite common though it may cause due to several reasons but in case you get back pain along with lower abdomen pain then it is a matter to be worried about and you should never ignore this symptom. Taking support from pain killers is the worst idea ever because it often hides the symptom and would make it harder for you to identify that.

Indigestion as well as heartburn:

ovarian cancer

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You would often experience indigestion of food and this thing would continue happening no matter what you eat and would result into heartburn as well as bloated stomach is also common. You would always feel full irrespective of the fact that you have not eaten anything from so long. This condition also supports gas formation and you may not able to digest most of the food items.

Urgent urination as well as constipation:

ovarian cancer

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You may feel that controlling urine might become a bit difficult for you and you might also feel the need of urination way too much than normal. Constipation is also quite common in this situation so you would often feel difficulty in getting your stomach clear.

Pain during sex:

ovarian cancer

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Having a bit pain during as well as after sex is quite common but if the amount of pain becomes excessive and the after sex effect would also be painful for you. You might even experience abdominal pain right after sex which sometimes becomes unbearable.


ovarian cancer

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This cancer is fortunately curable and now the treatment process also has variation which includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy as well as surgery.

These were few of the signs of ovarian cancer that you should never ignore rather you should rush to a doctor and get all the possible treatments done in order to get it completely cured.