How To Make Perfect Over Medium Eggs | A Complete Guide

You don’t always have to make scrambled eggs when trying to instill a healthy egg-eating habit in your household. You can also fry the eggs to get more nourishment out of them. One recipe you can try is that of mouth-watering over medium eggs

We’ll talk about this recipe and how it’s different from its variations like over-easy and over-hard eggs. Read on and bless yourself with a lip-smacking, nourishing recipe for life.

How to Fry An Egg — The Different Ways

There Are Four Ways You Can Fry Eggs:

Here the terms “easy,” “medium,” and “hard” refer to the doneness/density of the yolk. And the word “over” means that the egg gets flipped and cooked on both sides.

over medium eggs


  • Over-easy — This is when you fry the egg until the whites are set. Then flip and cook quickly (just about 1 minute) on the other side, leaving a runny yolk.
  • Over-medium — For this, you flip the egg but cook it for a few moments longer (around 2 minutes), leaving the yolk somewhat runny. The egg whites get fully cooked in this version. Some may call it the best of all varieties.
  • Over-hard — Here the flipped egg gets cooked until the yolk is completely set (hard). This can be more than two minutes. The resulting dish has the consistency of a hard-boiled egg. 
  • Sunny-side-up — For this, you have to fry the egg on one side only, on medium heat. Just until the whites get cooked, and the yolk is runny.

3 Reasons You Got to Try Over Medium Eggs

They Are Quick and Easy to Make

One of the simplest ways to improve any other dish is to cook over medium eggs. Making them takes only about 10 to 12 minutes. You can even cook them on the side while your main dish is cooking, as it needs little-to-no preparation.

They Are a Delicious Way of Making Your Family Eat More Eggs

Has your family ever denied eating healthy eggs for the sake of taste? Well, if you want them to eat eggs and get the health benefits, over medium eggs can help.

Firstly, because they get fried, they have a layer of fat (oil) that makes them more delicious. Additionally, they are cooked just right. So, these eggs don’t have a highly runny yolk (like over-easy), nor do they feel like hard-boiled eggs (like over-hard).

They May Have More Health Benefits 

Unlike sunny-side-ups, over medium eggs get fried on both sides. By cooking the eggs sufficiently, you ensure there are no bacteria left that could cause any illness and go for healthy living. Flipping the egg also means you make it more digestible. So, it becomes easier for your body to absorb proteins. 

Additionally, over medium eggs mean you don’t overcook them (as in over-hard). The amount of heat-sensitive antioxidants and nutrients in the eggs can get majorly reduced when the eggs get overcooked. 

The Recipe – How to Make Over Medium Eggs?



What You’ll Need

  • Fresh eggs
  • Oil or butter
  • Non-stick frying pan
  • Non-stick spatula
  • Pepper and salt (optional – to taste)


  1. In a non-stick pan, heat olive oil, coconut oil, or butter over medium heat. You may need to try the first few times to obtain the proper temperature, depending on your stove. This step is essential because to keep the eggs from sticking, the pan should be well-oiled and at the right temperature.
  2. Crack each fresh egg into a bowl while the pan warms up.
  3. Gently transfer the eggs from the bowl into the frying pan once the butter has melted (or the oil heats up). 
  4. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  5. Allow the eggs to cook for 3 – 4 minutes (depending on your heat source) until the whites are set, and the edges start curling slightly. Leave them alone; don’t fuss with them. This way they’ll turn out better.
  6. Lower the heat. Then gently jiggle a fine, non-stick spatula under the egg and flip it. You don’t have to get it all the way to the bottom, but make sure it’s under the yolk before flipping.
  7. Allow for another 2 minutes of cooking time for perfect over-medium eggs.
  8. Use the same spatula to gently transfer your eggs onto a serving plate – ready to cherish!

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  • If you’re using a cast iron or stainless steel skillet instead of a non-stick pan, you might need a little more oil or butter in order to prevent the eggs from sticking. It’s critical to let it warm up before adding the eggs for the same reason. 
  • Also, quickly reduce the heat to low after adding the eggs, as cast iron retains heat longer than a non-stick pan.
  • If you are vegan, use coconut oil or vegan butter instead of regular oil.
  • If you are lactose intolerant (have a dairy allergy), use oil or vegan butter to fry.
  • Use a thin turner spatula. Flipping an egg without tearing it is significantly more problematic with large, thick spatulas.
  • Try eating over-medium eggs (protein-rich) with carbs and fats in your meal to ensure it is healthy and balanced. Mexican potatoes, pancakes, bacon, and even pizza go well with cooked eggs.

over medium eggs


The Final Words

Now you know the recipe for one of the most popular fried eggs. Cooking over medium eggs is easy once you understand the heat setting you should use and the time you should cook the flipped egg. Also, using the correct utensils and oil is essential.

Ready to make over-medium eggs? Try and let us know how you and your loved ones liked them.

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