Paramedic vs EMT: Get a Detailed Insight Today Between Both

Paramedic vs EMT

You might have seen in the movies that at the time of emergency, the medical team arrives at the place and escorts injured people safely to the hospital via ambulance. There are two types of medical professionals who escort the injured people from the emergency place to the hospital. One is the EMT and the other is the Paramedic.

The basic difference between both is that EMT provides normal medical treatment while Paramedic is trained to provide advanced treatment. Today, we have brought this post to make you know the difference between EMT and paramedic in detail. Let us continue reading and check it out. 

Who are EMTs?

First, let us make you know what does EMT stands for. It stands for Emergency Medical Technician. These health professionals take care of patients at the entry-level. At the time of any medical emergency, they are the first ones who are called. After they are called, they check the injuries and wounds and examine its severity. 

Paramedic vs EMT


They transfer the patient in the ambulance and also inform the hospital about the patient and his injuries so that they can start the medical preparation. Till the time they reach the hospital, these professionals take care of the patient.

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Who are Paramedics?

They are skilled professionals who take care of the patient just like the doctors till they reach the hospital. They provide advanced life support to patients. They are licensed professionals and are better trained than EMTs at treating illnesses and injuries. They have profound knowledge of the different medical subjects. 

Both these medical professionals are called at the emergency scene via 911 in the US. 

Paramedic vs EMT


Where do they work?

EMTs are usually employed by hospitals, fire departments, private ambulance services, and governments. As compared to Paramedics, they have limited scope and they work under a medical doctor’s supervision.

Paramedics work in ambulance services, air ambulances, fire services, etc. In ambulance services, they work together with EMTs. They are mostly seen employed by Emergency medical services (EMS)

What are their responsibilities?

The following are the responsibilities of an EMT.

  • Shifting patients from their house or emergency location to the hospital. 
  • Treating patients in the route to the hospital. 
  • Inform the hospital about the number of patients that are transported, their approximate time of arrival and what is their illness or injury so they can start the medical preparation. 
  • Check the patients and also maintain their records in a proper file format either physically or electronically. 
  • Answer the 911 calls for emergency medical assistance. 
  • Control external bleeding of the patient.
  • Provide proper injections or medicines in the meantime they reach the hospital. 
  • Provide proper body support to the patients in case of physical injury.

Paramedic vs EMT


The following are the responsibilities of a Paramedic

  • Provide proper medical treatment to the patients while safely transporting them to a hospital. 
  • Take proper measures to stop the bleeding. 
  • In case of emergency, they also need to deliver babies. 
  • Prioritize the patients in terms of severity so that the most injured ones receive treatment first. 
  • Provide medication through an intravenous (IV) injection or infusion
  • Create new airways for patients so they can breathe properly. 
  • Make proper records of the treated patients. 
How can one become an EMT?

There is no need to get a bachelor’s degree in becoming an EMT. If you have a high school diploma, it is ok. But you need to have cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification. 

Also, you have to complete the EMT training session that is offered by different vocational schools. It is a very short course and can be completed in 150 hours. For becoming a successful emergency medical technician, one must pass the NREMT (National Registry Emergency Medical Technicians) exam. 

Paramedic vs EMT


How can one become a Paramedic?

As we told you earlier that Paramedic is the highest level of EMT certification, it is obvious that the training will also be advanced. For this, you have to complete training for basic and advanced EMTs. 

Usually, students work as EMT for a couple of years to gain work experience and then go for advanced training of 1,200 to 1,800 hours for becoming a paramedic. 

There are two years of study for becoming a paramedic. To become a certified paramedic, one must take the NPC (National Paramedic Certification) exam. 

So, here was a detailed overview of Paramedic vs EMT. I hope you got a clear idea between both. Stay tuned to get more such informative health posts!

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