Getting The Perfect Smile with the Help of an Orthodontist

Everybody wants to have those pearly whites and an appealing smile. However, not enough people are blessed with naturally healthy and straight teeth. 

This is why an increasing number of people turn to specialists for help. If you’re wondering who you should consult about problems such as teeth misalignment or crooked teeth, you should learn more about orthodontists and what they do. 

So, what are the treatments that can get you that stunning smile you’ve always dreamed of? And when is it the right time to reach out for assistance? We’ve got some answers for you!

Orthodontic Plates

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  • This is a dental appliance that is most commonly used on children between the ages of 8 and 13. 
  • It’s custom-made and designed to solve some of the minor issues your child or even you may have with your teeth. 
  • For instance, if the upper jaw needs to be widened, permanent teeth don’t have enough space to come out, there are certain bite discrepancies or some slightly crooked teeth; an orthodontic plate might just be what you need. 
  • The key is to eliminate the not-so-serious problems early enough before they become more serious and more complicated to treat. 
  • This is why they’re usually given to children so that they don’t have to face bigger costs and difficult treatment once they’re adults.

Ceramic Braces

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Although there may have been times when braces were something that only children wore, nowadays, the situation is quite different. 

To get a professional assessment and consequent treatment for your issues, find a trustworthy orthodontist in Sydney. Only qualified dental professionals can give you the highest-quality ceramic brace treatment. 

  • Considering that adults are more self-aware and often don’t want their braces to be visible, ceramic (or porcelain) braces are an excellent option for them. 
  • These braces aren’t very noticeable. But they work fairly fast when it comes to aligning your teeth in the desired position. 
  • They are reliable and deliver promising results even with severe cases of crooked bite or misalignment. 
  • They can be clear or come in any color, while the ceramic material used on them can be the natural color of your teeth.

Lingual Brace

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If you have to choose a type of Dental braces that suits your dental situation ideally, an orthodontist can provide you with plenty of information.

  • Lingual braces are highly discreet. As your orthodontist will fit these orthodontics behind your teeth no wires or metal brackets will be visible when you talk or smile. 
  • These are tailor-made for you and fit your teeth perfectly. They’re extraordinarily precise and give you and your dentist all the necessary control over your teeth and braces for the best result. 
  • Lingual braces are great for addressing spacing issues, crowded teeth, or even a strong overbite. 

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Clear Aligners

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One of the most popular options today is certainly clear trays, widely known as Invisalign. 

  • The reason these get picked by adults more frequently than other treatments is that they’re practically invisible on your teeth. 
  • In addition, they are far less disruptive than other similar treatments. With clear aligners, you can perform any of your standard daily activities, such as eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. 
  • In fact, they can be removed when you feel the need, without causing any damage or delay in their efficacy. Aside from there being no brackets and wires involved at all, Invisalign plates are flexible and comfortable.
  • They appear fully transparent allowing you have your gorgeous smile even while you’re wearing them. This treatment requires fewer orthodontist visits, as you only need maintenance once in six weeks, and it’s no wonder that Invisalign is the go-to solution for many adults’ dental issues.

When you feel your smile doesn’t look as amazing as you’d want it to, if you have health issues with your teeth, paying an orthodontist a visit is the first step to take. Not only will you have healthier teeth, but you’ll also get the chance to improve your self-esteem and feel much better about yourself. 

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