5 Things That Can Change Your Perspective About Muay Thai

When we think about mixed martial arts, we usually think about BJJ or other forms; however, a very recent addition to the mainstream mixed martial arts is Muay Thai. It is a Thai form of boxing where the fighter has the leverage of using his elbows, fists, punches, and kicks if he wants. Just like BJJ, it is the best form of martial arts that can be used for self-defense because there is no use of any external tool or equipment.

All you have to do is build up a good technique, and you can fight anyone at any time without worrying about the perspective and response. Just like BJJ, this form of mix martial arts is an evolved form of a relatively traditional form of boxing. For the mixed martial arts fan, Muay Thai is not a new concept; however, for the people who are still relatively new, this is an iconic yet exciting addition. 

Since Muay Thai has finally made it to the mainstream media and people are now keen to learn about this form of martial arts. The word Muay Thai can purely be described as the art of eight limbs because, in this fighting session, the overall fight is dependent on the use of every body part. Unlike boxing, where your main focus is on footwork and the punching technique, Muay Thai is more than just boxing.

In this technique, your forelimbs or arms are used as swords whereas, they use their elbow and knees as ax and hammer. For defense and making sure that they don’t bear too much pain, they use their shin as the armor to protect themselves. Your effective use of body parts means that you have a better grip over the game, and you have a high chance of winning as well.

The end goal of this whole fight is to obtain submission from the opponent; however, unlike other forms of mix martial arts where the fight quickly turned into bloody dual, it is entirely different. The overall fight is divided into three minutes sessions, and the fight is allowed to go on for just five sessions in total.

For the people who are not familiar with the art of Muay Thai, here are some of the most frequently talked misconception. These five misconceptions will completely change your perspective about Muay Thai, and you will agree that surely it is an art.

Bloody Fight

Muay Thai: Bloody Fight

Source: telegraph.co.uk

When it comes to self-defense, it is a common misconception that most fights quickly turn into bloody fights; however, there is a proper protocol that has to be followed in Muay Thai. The fighters must not have hair over their body, which means they can’t keep a beard, and they must not wear a shirt, which means, just like boxing, you can fight only in sorts.

Just the Regional Sport

Most people think that Muay Thai is a regional sport because it is an evolved form of Thai boxing, which means it is only good for the Thai people. However, this is not true, you might witness the best show in Bangkok, but there are so many other places where you can witness the best shows. Usually, people think that it promotes violence, and so this form of Thai mix martial arts is not appreciated anywhere else; however, it is quite the opposite considering there is so much that can be done.

Muay Thai Makes Kids Aggressive

Muay Thai

Source: onefc.com

Most people like to keep their kids in check because they want to discipline them. These people think that letting their kids practice Muay Thai will mean they will get disobedient and will start to disrespect the family values. However, according to most people, it can be clearly seen that kids who practice mix martial arts are more discipline, and they are more empathetic towards their peers and everyone around them. They like to stand up for themselves and for others as well.

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Team Sport

Most people think that if they want to practice Muay Thai, they need an opponent or a team; however, that’s not true. Just like practicing boxing on the punching bag, you can easily find an opponent or use a grappling dummy for practice. In case you want an opponent, you can join a team where you will learn the strategy-making as well; however, if you don’t want to rely on the team, you can still skip the process and practice on your own.

Giant Muscle Structure Is Required

There are people who think you need to be tall and bulky if you want to stand out and compete; however, that’s not true. Just like any other form of mix martial arts, it supports the person who takes action and who is ready to polish his technique.

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