Pitaya Bowl Recipe to Make at Home Easily

A healthy Pitaya Bowl of breakfast can energize you to get going with your day. Along with your regular workout routine, you need proper nutrition. Most people would look for a good something that is sufficient for their proper functioning and tastes delicious. The idea of consuming healthy food that tastes lousy and unpleasant is not an excellent way to start the day, and that’s why Pitaya Bowl has become one of the most appealing choices for people in the west.

Pitaya might sound unfamiliar to certain people; however, they are not a very new superfood in the market. Instead, we all know it as a fruit- Dragon Fruit. Going out to scoop a Pitaya bowl would cost you an unreasonable amount of money. Still, you would be glad to know that it is easy and quick to whip up a Pitaya fruit smoothie with extra added nuts and other nutritious toppings.

The best part about Pitaya bowl is its thick and delightful smoothie, a perfect blend of health and taste. People who are health conscious and workout-freaks always prefer a glass of smoothie post or before their workout session,—That’s why Pitaya bowl recipes are garnering attraction and liking as a nourishing superfood.

If you are wondering how a Pitaya fruit can assist you in providing a healthy life, follow this blog further for elaborated benefits and recipes of Pitaya Bowl.

What is Pitaya Fruit?

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Pitaya Fruit, as mentioned above in the blog, is also known as Dragon Fruit. Most of us have heard it and would also have consumed it at some point in time. However, if not, need not worry since it is an exotic fruit found in South America, Asia, and other tropical regions. It grows on a climbing cactus plant known by the name Hylocereus.

It is a sack of many nutrients and antioxidants, especially its seeds, which is low in calories and high in carbs.

In its appearance, Pitaya fruit has a gorgeous magenta pink color from the outside, but if you peel the outer flesh, the inner section looks more white and juicy

People have confirmed that finding Pitaya Fruit in the State’s central regions might be difficult; nevertheless, find the nearest Asian local store. They would supply you with fresh Dragon fruit to make an enriching and delicious Pitaya Bowl.

What Does the Pitaya Bowl Consist Of?

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The voguish fruit in the town, Pitaya Bowl, consists of not only Pitaya alone but several other nourishing and wholesome fruits too. You can add frozen fruits, yogurt, honey, and delicious nuts and seeds. The most beneficial aspect of the Pitaya Bowl is the Pitaya seeds. It would be difficult to fathom their exact nutritional value.

For a savoring flavor, you could add fruits like a frozen Pitaya, frozen mango, banana, blueberries, pineapple, and even vanilla extract. To make it more nutritious, pour some healthy fluids like coconut water, freshly squeezed juice, and a pinch of honey for balanced sweetness.

To create a thick smoothie, you can blend in some frozen Pitaya and add some flavored or plain yogurt. A typical Pitaya Bowl always has a Pitaya smoothie making it look gorgeous and highly healthful. Now, things are even easier as you can find a readymade Pitaya smoothie pack from your nearest grocery or departmental store. 

Benefits of Pitaya Bowl

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Now that we have understood what exactly is a Pitaya fruit and what the Pitaya Bowl precisely consists of, let’s elaborate on the benefits of the Pitaya bowl to know why it is transitioning into the new ‘It’ exotic plant-based superfood in the western and Asian regions. 

Pitaya Bowl Consists of Highly Beneficial Pitaya Seeds

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We talked before that Pitaya fruit is specifically high in nutrition because it has seeds with different benefits for our body. Pitaya seeds have monounsaturated fats that assist in helping to reduce the bad cholesterol level in the body, which is the main reason people suffer from stroke and cardiac arrest.

These seeds also consist of Omega-3 fatty acids, for which people usually have to rely on Salmon fish. However, if one is Vegan, Pitaya bowl could be an excellent choice to receive omega-2 that would help in reducing inflammatory diseases and help make the heart health stronger. 

Pitaya Bowl Helps with Digestion

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If you are suffering from constipation, the Pitaya bowl is an excellent meal choice for your breakfast routine. It is high in fiber which could help in keeping the colon and digestive system healthy. Adding extra nutrients such as granola could escalate the levels of fiber in a single Pitaya bowl. Moreover, being high fiber also means stacking up your stomach for a longer duration, and you would not feel your appetite craving for more food very frequently.  

Pitaya Bowl Is Low on Calories and High on Vitamins

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If you are consistently trying to lose weight and following a fad diet, it will not pave the way towards success; instead, it would only make you weak and invite several diseases inside the body. That’s why healthy eating is an essential part of losing some calories. Hence, the Pitaya bowl is an excellent food choice for your early morning breakfast routine or a quick afternoon snack.

Pitaya bowl calories are low; that is why it would be a good choice for people under a strict weight loss regime. However, the fruit is high in vitamin E, Vitamin C, Iron, and Magnesium. So leave all your fad diet plans and whip up a delicious Pitaya Bowl.

Pitaya Bowl Is Rich in Prebiotics

Pitaya Fruit has a good amount of prebiotics that help feed our gut with healthy bacteria which is known as Probiotics. We usually believe in fluids and drinks that are essentially enriched with probiotics, however, relying on natural sources yields better results. Pitaya fruit increases two kinds of bacteria in our intestine: lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. They make the digestion more smooth and speedy along with killing bacteria and viruses that could cause inflammatory disease. 

Pitaya Bowl is Suitable for the Nervous System

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Our Nervous system is responsible for the proper brain functioning and transmitting signals. If we keep them happy and healthy, they will be smooth in their performance. That’s why an individual needs sufficient calcium for efficient functioning. 

We have a protective covering on the nerve fiber, which is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses, and it is known as the myelin sheath. So to have our brain signaling strong, keeping the myelin sheath healthy is necessary. Thus, Pitaya fruit helps in maintaining the calcium level for keeping the nerve cells maintained. 

These benefits meticulously define the importance of consuming Pitaya Bowl in our everyday life. It fulfills all the deficiencies in our body and relishes the juices from the fruit, which could keep you active throughout the day. 

How to Make a Pitaya Bowl?

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After going through several benefits of Pitaya fruit and Pitaya Bowl, you now know why it is garnering so much attention amongst millennials, especially those who believe in keeping their calories in check.

However, after consulting for the price in the market for a single Pitaya bowl, you must have found it exceptionally expensive. The reason is self-explanatory; since the Pitaya (Dragon) fruit is exotic and difficult to find, restaurants and food joints procure their supply cost from the consumers.

But have you ever thought of making this recipe at home and savoring its benefits in everyday life for you and your family? That’s right! It is easy to make Pitaya bowls at home. Several recipes could be whipped up, such as Island Pitaya Bowl or Cranberries Pitaya Bowl, which have different fruits and berries and healthy fluids and juice. So let’s look into the delicious Pitaya Bowl recipes.

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Ingredients: For Blending

  • Half Cup Coconut Milk
  • Half cup Pineapple juice
  • One cup Frozen Pitaya or Two Frozen Pitaya Smoothie Packs
  • One Frozen Banana

Ingredients: For Topping

  • Half Banana sliced
  • One-Fourth cup of granola
  • One tablespoon of shredded coconut
  • One-fourth cup of mango diced in small pieces
  • Two Strawberries Chopped Finely
  • One piece of Pineapple finely Chopped
  • One Tablespoon Honey


  • Blend all the fruits mentioned above in the blending ingredients category, and add some coconut milk to make the smoothie, thin in andSeveralconsistency for the bowl. Make sure all the fruits are frozen; it helps in giving the smoothie a rich consistency.
  • Now add the entire mixture to the bowl. And prepare it to add the toppings according to the recipe you are willing to make. 
  • You can add shredded coconut, sliced banana, some granola, finely diced mango, and pineapple, and lastly, add a single teaspoon of honey.
  • You can choose the red pitaya fruit variety as it looks more rich and nourishing. 

You can also create a Pitaya Bowl with superfoods such as spinach, pomegranate, and blueberries. A superfood Pitaya Bowl can escalate the iron levels, so if you have amnesia, you can indeed prepare a Superfood Pitaya bowl and make your day fulfilling and wholesome.

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