5 Days Push Pull Legs Workout Plan For Weight Loss As Well As For Building Up Muscles

push pull legs workout

Being healthy is desired by all but just eating healthy is not a solution you need to do certain workout as well. If you are confused between many workouts and want to get overall work out of your body then you can try push pull legs workout on a regular basis. This workout routine actually focuses on push, pull as well as leg work out and all of the three different types of work out together would serve you with the desired kind of body as well as with healthy lifestyle. Here are few of the benefits of push pull legs work out:

Help Your Build Muscles:

push pull legs workout

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If you are someone who is willing to build up some muscles then this workout regime something that you need to accept in your life. With the technique of pulling the legs over and over again by creating some sort of pressure. This would not only help your strengthen your muscle but would also help in building up muscle mass in your upper as well as lower body. This workout includes some awesome exercises which would make sure that the upper as well as lower body is maintained. You can go for a particular plan if you want to focus in any particular part of the body.

Shapes Up The Body As Well As Helps In Weight Loss:

push pull legs workout

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If obesity is bothering you then you need to give this workout plan a shot and this workout includes some awesome exercises which would make sure that you are losing weight to get in shape again. There are many workouts which help in losing weight but the worst part about obesity is that you may be able to lose the weight but getting into shape is a big challenge that most of workout cannot provide you with. With this special kind of push pull legs workout you would not only be able to lose weight but your upper as well as lower body would also get toned up which would provide you with the perfect shaped body.

5 Day Push Pull Legs Workout Plan That You Should Try:
Monday And Saturday:

push pull legs workout

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Dedicate your Monday as well as Saturday to the push work out and get all the benefits out of it. You can start your day with pushups where you literally have to lie down facing the ground and then place your both palms on the ground just the sides of your chest and keep your legs straight. Now you need to push your whole body at the upper direction and you need to do this with the help you’re your hands. Keep repeating this process for a good 10 minutes if you want to get the bet result out of it. You can also try shoulder push after that and here you need to sit straight on a bench or desk push up some weight with the help of your shoulder as well as your hands and keep on repeating this for a good 10 minutes for best results. Make sure to keep your back straight while doing this work out.

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Tuesdays And Sundays:

push pull legs workout

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Reserve your Tuesdays as well as Sundays for pull workouts and you can literally start your routine with some back pulls. Sit ups can be a good back pull workout and here you need to lie down on the ground facing the ceiling and then keep your both the hands on the back of your head and keep your knees bend. Then pull your body up and try to hold on the position for 15 seconds and then relax. Repeat this method for at least 10 times to get that toned belly as well as waist. You can also try weight pulling and here you need to get into a string weight pull on machine and you need to pull those though strings down as much as you can from each side one by one.

After doing all of these work out you would need some rest and also your body would need some rest after you would do your leg work out so you need to keep your Wednesdays as well as Fridays off though you can do some light workouts on these days.


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Thursday is completely for leg work out and there are many leg workouts which you can try in order to shape up your lower body. You can try resistant band workout, quads and you can even go for hamstring workout.

This is how you should be doing your push pull legs workout on a weekly basis and make sure to mix and match the workouts once in a while for a good change.