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Companies are now including drug testing in the hiring process. It helps them decide between the last candidates and helps them learn more about their future employees. Industries and companies usually use urine samples to carry out drug tests. It is the quickest and cost-effective method. A small urine cup will be able to provide more information about you than you may think. The urine test will tell you about the medical history, any form of drugs within the body. Various companies do these drug tests without any warning. When asked to do a urine test can be nerve-wracking, even when you haven’t even touched the drugs in your whole life. Even if your job is not dependent on the urine test, it can still reveal much about you. Let’s see quick fix synthetic urine.

There is a great product available on the market known as quick fix plus. It will provide you with a guaranteed passing method of urine tests. You can pass the urinalysis without even providing your urine. Synthetic urine has been made with those inlgredients that will resemble real human urine so that the laboratory technician cannot tell the difference between your urine and synthetic urine.

Although quick fix plus synthetic urine is not the only brand that provides synthetic urine, it is the only one that guarantees 100% drug pass. We will provide you with a quick fix synthetic urine review; it is considered the best brand of synthetic urine that you can get from the market. We will cover how a quick fix is good plus how it works, and the benefits. Let us proceed and dig more about the quick fix synthetic urine.

What is Synthetic Urine?

quick fix synthetic urine


If you have to give a urine sample or pass the urine test for whatever reason, you are aware that your urine sample will result in drug toxins. Now, to pass that, you will not have many options. You can opt for a natural detox, but it can take weeks. You can also opt for a detox drink. These two options may be effective but not as effective as the third one.

The third option is to take the help of quick fix plus. As long as it has a complicated formula, looks, and even smells like a real thing. It is bound to pass the urine test in the lab. The only concerning thing is that it has to be complex. It should look genuine. Now, this is where most brands tend to fail, but the quick fix plus synthetic urine is among those that do not have any risks and concerns.

The company produced this product to be indistinguishable from human urine in terms of its looks, smells, and chemical structure. Lab technicians will not be able to differentiate between synthetic urine and real urine. The reason lies in its identical molecular structure, creatine content, and correct pH balance. Many people also use it in labs for calibrating machinery and testing the equipment because it has a similar chemical structure. 

Learn More About Quick Fix

To pass the urine test, this product has a complicated chemical formula. In other words, to pass the test, there have to be the following basics:

  • It should have the smell of human urine.
  • The synthetic urine must have urea
  • It has to resemble the urine
  • It must be under the accurate pH range to resemble a human urine
  • Sample should froth like human urine
  • It should have uric acid
  • It should have creatine.

These are the basic needs to pass the urine test. However, the only problem is that not all brands take care of all of these basics. The quick fix is the only one with all the necessary items essential to pass the urine test.

How does Quick Fix Work?

quick fix synthetic urine


It is synthetic urine that will provide you with convenience in mind. It will help you to turn the stressful event into a simple act. There are times when using your urine may not be the right thing to do. The reasons may differ from being uncomfortable, or you may think that you may not be able to pass the test. 

Whatever the reasons, nothing could be easier to use when you want to pass the urine test than synthetic urine. This quick-fix synthetic urine review will tell you how to use it. The great thing about it is that it is very easy to use. You should follow the steps given below to use the quick fix effectively.

Step 1

You should prepare the quick fix synthetic urine on the morning of the urine test. You should remove the bottle of synthetic urine from the package and remove the cap. Microwave the bottle for 10 seconds. If you do not have the microwave or it is broken, you can still use the product.

The synthetic urine package comes with a heating pad. You can attach it to the bottle and leave it there for about 45 minutes till it reaches the appropriate temperature. Although it may not be as fast as a microwave, it is still better to use it for planning.

Step 2

You should remove the urine bottle from the microwave and look at it to check that if it has reached the appropriate temperature, you will get a strip that lets you check the temperature. You should aim for a temperature in the range of 92-98 degrees.

It is the temperature of the real human urine when it leaves the body. If the strip does not work, you should put the bottle in the microwave again. If it still does not work, it means that the bottle is too hot, and you should wait for it to cool down before testing.

Step 3

After getting the right temperature, you should place the lid back on the bottle and unwrap the heating pad that you will get. Shake the pad so that you can activate the heating elements and attach the pad to the bottle. You should place it on the opposite of the temperature strip. The heating pad is here so that you can keep the urine bottle at the appropriate temperature for up to 8 hours. It will help you to prepare synthetic urine before work.

It is better that you attach the bottle to the body. Also, it will not only keep the bottle warm but also let you take the bottle in secretly. By doing this, no one will notice that you are taking something in. Yes, you can keep it in your pocket, but it can be a problem when you are searched or asked to remove everything from your pocket.

Step 4

When you are giving a test, they will give you a small container to urinate it in and should be directed towards a cubicle. Instead of peeing in it, you should take the bottle of synthetic urine and shake it well and pour it onto the container. Shaking the bottle can help you to get the bubbles that you get with the real urine. After all that, you are free to give the bottle to the lab technician, and you will pass the test in no time. 

Why are Other Brands not that Useful?

quick fix synthetic urine


There are various cases in which people have taken other people’s urine or their dog’s urine to pass the test. If you think it is wise, laboratories can detect an error and report you to the employer. 

The quick fix is good because it contains all the needed ingredients that can help you pass the test. Dog urine is more concentrated than human urine, it also has a stronger smell, and the color is different. It has an accurate smell, color, and pH formula. These are vital ingredients that are essential to pass the urine test.

Various brands boast about their product and the quality products they have. But only the quick fix is the product with the formula and key ingredients that can help pass the test. When laboratories do the testing, they will test for urea and uric acid. It is naturally occurring body waste, and synthetic urine must have it.

Unlike other brands, it contains the appropriate amount of urea. You should be cautious when you see a brand that creates fake urine. If they are bragging about the product, they are highly likely to be a fake urine manufacturer.

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Why Quick Fix Unique Only?

quick fix synthetic urine


The company that made the quick fix has been making them for two decades. It is longer than any of the other brands that are in the market. When you buy a quick fix, you should know that you will get a product that has undergone various tests to ensure that the product will pass the test.


This is all the information about the famous quick fix synthetic urine. You should be careful about the fake brands that are posing as the quick fix. Make sure to buy the product through a trusted seller or shop. Ensure that you follow all the necessary steps to help you pass the test without coming across any issues.

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