Know Best Skin Care Products According To Your Skin Type: Skin Care Products For Women

Who doesn’t want healthy as well as younger looking skin? I am pity sure there is no one, literally no one in this world who doesn’t desire for beautiful skin and the thing of beautiful skin is quite real for women. It is not that men doesn’t desire for good skin but women literally pray for it and for getting that flawless beautiful skin women go through a lot such as healthy diet, expensive treatments, skin care products and what not but we girls often fail to choose the right kind of products for our skin and also there are some people who doesn’t even follow a good step by step skin care routine which because the reason behind skin issues.

Now while choosing your products you need to be aware of the skin type and there is four different skin types basically, one is oily skin people who gets too much of oil or sebum production on their skin and that can cause breakouts, there is dry skin people whose skin is not less than Sahara desert and also they develop dry skin patches all over, next is the sensitive skin people who cry for their skin condition and the struggle is real and their skin to react almost with everything and by the word reach I mean react very badly and the last skin type is normal and if you got normal skin type then you are blessed and your half skin issues are already sorted and normal skin type can actually use anything that they want for their skin. Now you might be wondering about skin care products for women so here is step by step skin care routine along with the product according to the four major skin types so you can get the perfect selection of skin care products according to your skin type:

Step One:


Cleanser For Oily Skin People

Now cleansing seems to be real thing for oily skin people and they need good cleansers badly because oily skin people develop oil on the surface of their skin which then attracts dust so it literally makes the skin dirty and also being an oily skin people you should always choose cleansers that are gel based and you should can literally use the Damyang bamboo gel which is by the face shop to cleanse your face and you literally have to message it all over and swipe with a tissue.

Cleansers For Sensitive Skin

Now the problem with sensitive skin is that your skin would react badly so you cannot try and test lots of products and also you cannot use harsh things on your which actually anyone should not. You need to be very careful while choosing cleansers for your skin and it is recommended to go with cream based products as they prove to be quite gentle on skin and you can actually go with the body shop vitamin E cream based cleanser.

Cleanser For Dry Skin

You cannot let the cleanser strip off your natural oil from your skin because you rarely have some on your skin so it is always better for you to do with an oil based cleanser for your skin or you can directly go with oil on your skin and even Koreans do so and they have great skin. You can get your hands on the Merit VCO coconut which is extra virgin cold pressed coconut which is great for skin and hair. So you literally have to massage the oil in your skin and then wipe off with tissue paper.

Cleanser For Normal Skin Type People

You know what? You have to freedom to use anything and everything but in your case you can use either of the above mentioned cleansers according to the season so in winters you can go with oil based cleansers and for summer you can switch to gel based cleansers and cream cleansers are also great for you.

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Step Two:

Face wash:

Wash For Oily Skin People


Now cleansing doesn’t actually cleans or takes off every bit of dirt so you need a face wash so be extra squawky clean and here you go with face wash which would not only clean the oil of your skin but also would keep your skin fresh and oily free for a long period of time. You can get your hands on the body shop tea tree facial wash as it would pull out dirt as well as oil from your skin and would also look after breakouts.

Wash For Sensitive Skin People

You need to be super selective while choosing products because it is for sure that you don’t want to breakout bad so be sure about a product and then only go for it. In case of face wash you can go with Innisfree green barley bubble face wash as it would keep your skin clean and at the same time it would not cause you any breakout.

Wash For Dry Skin People

You know that you cannot lose even a tiny-miny amount of oil or moisture from your skin so you need a hydrating facial wash for yourself and make sure that the wash doesn’t have anything in it which may make your skin dry over and over again. Here you can go with Nivea skin delights moisturizing honey face wash and it is a cream based face wash which has got honey in it which is great for dry skin issues and the best part is it is very inexpensive as well.

Wash For Normal Skin People

You can use anything as always but if you want to be extra caring as well as particular for your skin which you should be then you can actually go with cetaphil gentle skin cleansing wash as it is very soft and gentle on skin but at the same time it would completely pull out dirt as well as oil residue from your kind and at the same time it is very affordable.

Step Three:


Scrub For Oily Skin People

Scrub is not an everyday thing but your skin need to be extra clean and pampered once in a week and scrub is for those days. Scrub seems to be a great thing for oily skin people as it cleanses the skin really well. Here you can go with the L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti shine gel as it is gel based scrub so it would keep your skin dry and oil free.

Scrub For Sensitive Skin

Here you need to be make sure that the scrub particles are not huge otherwise it would make your skin breakout really bad and also you need to make sure that no reactive ingredients are there in your scrub and here you can literally go with Aveeno Positively Radiant skin brightening exfoliating daily scrub. So the scrub granules are quite small so it would not hurt you skin but still you need to very gentle while working with it and also it would brighten up your skin which is a great thing.

Scrub For Dry Skin

You need a moisturizing cream based scrub which would scrub away all your dry patches and at the same time it would not make your skin dry and there are so many choices in the market but in particular you can go with biotique bio papaya revitalizing tan removal scrub and it is so gentle on skin and it would not only make your skin feel soft and cleansed but at the same time it would also remove all the sun tan which is a great thing.

Scrub For Normal Skin People

You can literally choose anything for your skin and even you can DIY your scrub with simple ingredients and for that you can check out Healthclubfinder and if you want a readymade scrub then you can go with Himalaya herbals purifying neem scrub as it is herbal so it would not harm your skin and does its job pity well and at the same time it is not even expensive.

Step Four:

Face mask:

Face Mask For Oily Skin

Face mask is for once in a while skin care routine but it helps a lot in maintaining the good skin and also it actually repairs the skin which is great thing and if you are from oily skin type group then you can go with oil controlling face masks and here you can try out L’Oreal Paris pure clay mask purify and mattify and as it would make your skin matte so you would be saved from the oiliness of your skin.

Face Mask For Sensitive Skin

You have to get your hand on a face mask which would help in repairing your skin and would also help in minimizing the appearance of your acne or breakout and here you can use the body shop Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask so it would not only repair your skin but at the same time it would reward your skin with a nice and healthy glow.

Face Mask For Dry Skin

You need a hydrating face mask which would take away all your dry patches and so you can use sheet masks which is again inspired by Korean skin care routine so here you can get your hands on the face shop real hone sheet mask so basically you have to put on the sheet mask and then wait for 30 minutes and then remove it and pat all the serum into your skin and your skin would become soft and glowing instantly.

Face Mask For Normal Skin

You have a lot of options in the market so you can choose according to your preference and you can also go with sheet mask as Koreans use it and they have so beautiful skin and you can get your hands on the its skin avocado face sheet mask as it would keep your skin look healthy and would also make it glowing at the same time.

Step Five:


Toners are actually same for everyone and the purpose of using toner is to keep your skin fresh and nice and at the same time it would keep your pores shrinking and would make your skin bright at the same time which is a great thing. You can get your hands on the Keya Clinic Daily pore minimizing toner, kiehl’s ultra facial toner and there is lot more in the list.

Step Six:


Moisturizer For Oily Skin

There is a difference between the appearance of oil and hydration so even if you belong to the oily skin people then also you need some hydration otherwise your skin would become worse than even and the sebum production would also not be controlled in that way. Here you can get your hands on gel based moisturizers and to be particular you can use the face shop lotus soothing gel and it works wonders on skin.

Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin

It you belong to the sensitive skin people then you actually need a repairing moisturizer and there are options as well bit to be in particular you can get your hands on Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion and as it is dermatological tested so you don’t have to worry about breakouts.

Moisturizer For Dry Skin People

Trust me, moisturizer needs to be your BAE if you belong to dry skin people and here are so many options for you in the market but if you are looking for that intense moisturized skin then you can go for Cetaphil Dam lotion and this moisturizer would keep your skin nice and moisturized.

Moisturizer For Normal Skin

You can pick but anything and get benefits from it but to be particular you can actually go for WOW skin moisturizer which is great for skin and it doesn’t even have parabens in it which is a great thing. These were step by step usage of skin care products for women with different skin type and also you can find more at Healthclubfinder.