Who Is the Skinniest Person in the World? Let’s Find Out!!

The fashion and entertainment industries have super-thin celebrities. So, many young girls are inclined to dislike what they see in the mirror. The result is eating disorders, such as Anorexia.

An eating disorder, anorexia nervosa is reflected by a person’s abnormally low weight, an unhealthy sense of weight, and a fear of weight gain.

People with anorexia or similar eating disorders frequently drastically restrict their food intake to avoid weight gain or to maintain their weight loss. This leads to them becoming one of the skinniest people on earth.

Who Is The Skinniest Person In The World? Here’re The Top Contenders

1. Lizzie Valasquez

skinniest person in the world

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She is unquestionably one of the skinniest persons in the world. Lizzie’s thinness is because of a highly uncommon illness called “Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome (NPS).” She is one of three persons with the disease. This disorder causes premature aging.

Lizzie weighs 58 pounds (26kg). She must eat every fifteen minutes (60 meals) to stay alive. As a result, she consumes between 5000 and 8000 calories each day. Despite her illness, Lizzie is a well-known motivational speaker and author who has attended over 200 courses since seventeen years old.

Lizzie also has visual issues, making it difficult for her to see. Unfortunately, the vision continues to deteriorate. Aside from that, infections that are very mild to others are very hazardous to Lizzie.

2. Valeria Levitin

skinniest person in the world

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skinniest person in the world

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Valeria is 5 feet 8 inches tall and is among the skinniest persons in the world suffering from the eating disorder – anorexia. Several years ago, she developed the eating disorder after embarking on a strict diet. All of her urgent attempts to restore her weight were futile. 

Valeria Levitin’s skeletal form, rather than making her feel sorry for herself, should serve as a stark warning to females who aspire to be matchstick thin. She is extremely thin, weighing less than half of what her lightest healthy weight should be.

Valeria has served as an example to young girls ready to learn from her mistakes to avoid a situation like hers.

3. Kristina Karyagina

skinniest person in the world

Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

Kristina Karyagina, 26, from Barnaul in south-central Russia, reports that she weighs just 17 kg. Ms. Karyagina stopped eating properly throughout her high school years, surviving on little banana and apple bits.

She went on to law school, but her disease progressed to the point that she could not leave her apartment. Christina has had food issues since she was a youngster. And the outcome is unmistakable. Jan Goland, a therapist, came on board to save the girl from the devastating effects of anorexia nervosa. He worked for free with his unique patient.

Karyagina now has ambitions for the future, intending to enroll in graduate school and defend her thesis. However, she is currently the skinniest person in the world, not just in Russia.

4. Tom Staniford

skinniest person in the world

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skinniest person in the world

Source: telegraph.co.uk

The disease that Tom suffers from prevents him from storing fat and keeps him extremely thin. A 24-year-old British citizen and competitive cyclist, Tom is one of just eight people worldwide who suffer from the rare MDP syndrome.

Doctors had no idea what was causing this unusual disease until later when they came up with a detailed explanation of what may be the reason. Nonetheless, the illness is incurable.

However, this man’s unique health condition did not prevent him from leading a somewhat regular life. Tom went to college in North Devon for a year. 

In addition, he enrolled in Exeter College’s acclaimed international baccalaureate program. He got two sports and academic scholarships there. The young man graduated from the French University of Rennes in June 2012.

5. Loana Spangenberg 

skinniest person in the world

Source: knowsize.com

After her images leaked online, a Romanian-born model became famous for “The Human Hourglass.” Ioana Spangenberg is a 30-year-old model with a 20-inch waist circumference (50cm). Because of the Barbie doll figure with the 32-20-32 measurements, the girl, who weighs 38 kg, grabs everyone’s attention.

She says that she weighed normally as a child and that the metamorphosis began when she was a teenager. Her waist was just 15 inches wide when she was 13, and her pals could wrap their hands fully around it. 

She would consume Mars bars and other sweets in an attempt to gain weight, but nothing worked. Ioana attributes this to her tiny stomach, which causes her to vomit if she eats a lot. 

6. Cathie Jung 

skinniest person in the world

Source: akamaized.net

Cathie Jung was born in America in 1937 and is 1.72 meters tall. She is well-known for her slender waist. She is a fan of Victorian gowns and corsets. 

Her magically slim waist was not the consequence of any sickness or dieting. The 39-15-39 body structure of Cathie is due to spending at least the past 25 years wrapped into tight corsets. These corsets are only removed when she showers or when the weather is too hot to bear.

With a waist measurement of 38.1 cm, Cathie Jung holds the Guinness World Record for the slimmest waist. 

7. Natalia Zhultayeva

skinniest person in the world

Source: healthgrades.com

The recipient of the title of the world’s weakest woman (of the living) is a Russian lady from the settlement of Forstadt near Verkhneuralsk in 2014. 

Natalia went from being a lovely, reasonably well-fed girl to walking “skin and bones” after breaking up with her boyfriend. She ate little and only when her family insisted. 

As a result, Zhultayeva’s weight reached a dangerous level of 21 kg, putting her life in jeopardy. A six-year-old is heavier than her.

Natalia and her mother appeared on the famous program “Let them Talk” in December 2014, and their tale went viral across Russia.

Fortunately, she was able to overcome her illness owing to the efforts of physicians and her mother’s care.

8. Jeremy Gillitzer

skinniest person in the world

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Jeremy was a modeling superstar with lovely curves and massive biceps. However, he was unhappy with his weight and resolved to reduce it. 

People are usually ecstatic when they lose a few pounds. Jeremy was not. He used laxatives to slim down even more, even though he resembled a mummy. This led him to having diseases – anorexia and bulimia, which he suffered from for 25 years.

As a result, the man’s body was so hollow that he couldn’t stand up. Jeremy Gillitzzer, “the skinniest person in the world” (if you exclude those of average height) died in June 2010 due to his eating disorder. These are the skinnest person in the world.

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How Do You Measure Skinniness?

In case you too want to measure your levels of skinniness, all you need to do is measure your BMI.

The BMI is the proportion of your height to your weight. Being slim may indicate that you are underweight based on your BMI. People weigh between 18.5 and 24.9 BMI on average. 

Underweight or thin is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5. So, the skinniest person in the world will have a BMI of less than 18.5.


In today’s culture, people think that having a flawless figure and being in the greatest form is the best way to avoid body shaming. But being one of the skinniest persons in the world has its own challenges.

People who aspire to have thin body structures do their hardest to reduce weight. But some do so without sufficient planning and supervision, and as a result, harm their bodies. There are also some people who are genetically born with a lower-than-average weight. You can see skiniest person in the world.

Whatever the root cause, people who are skinnier get assaulted and body shamed. But today we are here to spread the message of loving your body just the way it is.

Share this article with your friends and family. Let everyone know that body shaming is no less than a sin!

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