Sleeping Without a Pillow: Is It Beneficial? Find Out Here

sleeping without pillow

Who doesn’t love to sleep? You might be wondering, oh! What a silly question to waste precious internet space. Okay! The next question may sound more valid, who loves to sleep without a pillow? Phew! What kind of question is this right? Why should I opt to sleep like a caveman when I have a pillow facility. Fair enough. But what if we say sleeping with a pillow may add a layer of comfort, but are you ready to get comfort at the cost of your health? Obviously not, right? Do you have this constant question in mind: sleeping without a pillow is beneficial or not?

Advantages of Sleeping Without a Pillow:

sleeping without pillow

Is it really advantageous to sleep without a pillow to improves postures?

The purpose of the pillow is to keep the spine in a neutral position. It regulates the neck with the rest of the body to maintain a good posture for the body. Although there is no particular research that states how sleeping without a pillow affects the spine? However, the main question here is sleeping without a pillow advantageous to all? 

University of Rochester Medical Center says that stomach sleepers put the spine in a very unnatural position as the majority of the weight is in the middle of the body, harming the back and the neck of the body. So if you are a stomach sleeper, then there is a straight NO for people like you.  You should also check how to Improve Gut Health for a good sleep.

But if you are a back sleeper then sleeping without a pillow does more harm than any good. The back sleeper can choose a thin and soft pillow for a healthy position. 

Does sleeping without a pillow really reduce the pain?

For all the stomach sleepers, a pillow can cause neck pain. How? When an individual sleeps on the stomach, then the head turns to either the left or right side, which leads to extending the neck on the side. The extending efforts lead to discomfort, an awkward angle, and end up in pain in the neck. But if you sleep without a pillow, it helps to reduce the awkward angle of the neck and thus less strain on the spine. 

There are a limited number of studies to show the potential benefits of sleeping without a pillow. Most of the studies talk about different types of pillows for different position sleepers.  

sleeping without pillow


Prevents Acne And Wrinkles

Those people who sleep on the side with the face resting on the pillow can find be benefited without a pillow. How? A pillowcase is a home for bacterial growth, and when you sleep on one side, those bacteria may get transferred on your side and results in acne, pimples, and all facial allergies and problems. Even the chances of wrinkles are also high as the pressure on the head on one side can add worries on the face. 

Boost Bone Alignment

The bone alignment benefits may not be right for types of sleepers, but sleeping without a pillow will surely improve bone alignment and can help to enhance the body postures. So, after reading this, a big NO to the pillow, right?

sleeping withour pillow


No to Insomnia

A complete sleep with a pillow improves the quality of sleep. It helps the body to sleep in the natural posture that relaxes muscles. A thick pillow leads to pain and a sense of fatigue. 

Prevent Stress

Sleeping in the wrong position with the pillow often leads to waking up many times in the middle of the night. A sleep-deprived person often leads to stress and less concentration to carry out the routine work. 

Boost the Energy Level

You might be wondering how sleeping with a pillow boosts the energy level, so firstly it reduces neck and back pain if you are using the right pillow. Without the pillow, you can get the right amount of quality and thus leads to a normal energy level which might not be possible with the wrong pillow and wrong position.

Improves Memory and Creativity

Quality and sound sleep always help to keep the mind normal and under control. Human mind process the thoughts and information that was executed during the daytime. So the better one sleeps, the better the mind will work. A good night’s sleep always boosts the memory and creativity level of an individual mind. So sleep well for better thoughts. 

Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

sleeping without pillow


When a baby sleeps on one side or in an unnatural sleeping position, there is a risk of the flat head syndrome. It is always advisable to avoid a pillow for the baby. There are instances where a baby may suffocate under the pillow or may hurt the neck with an odd position. 

Disadvantages of Sleeping Without a Pillow

Pillow is the Need for Side Sleeper

If you are a side sleeper then sleeping without a pillow is not worth it for you. In this case, it provides support to the head and neck and preventing the head from hanging down at an odd and uncomfortable angle. So in the case of a side sleeper, there are increasing chances of neck osteoarthritis. But also keep in mind to choose the right kind of pillow and mattress.

Sleeping Without a Pillow Is Not Good for a Glaucoma Patient

Glaucoma is a condition of the eyes where the pressure is build up inside the eye called intraocular pressure. In this condition, there are chances of loss of vision or permanent blindness. Sleep with a pillow is beneficial for such patients as it keeps the head slightly up, which helps to reduce eye pressure. Even you can ask to recommend the type of pillow for such conditions.

Is Sleeping Without a Pillow Great For People Suffering From Acid Reflux?

It won’t be suggested to sleep without a pillow if you are suffering from heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Gravity helps to stop acid from reaching the upper body of the esophagus and throat. The best body pillow proves to be a greater help to such patients. 

Does Sleeping Without a Pillow Hurt Physiological Comfort?

You may have become habitual of sleeping with a pillow and it may happen that sleeping without a pillow makes you uncomfortable and awkward. The uncomfortable and awkwardness leads to a lack of quality sleep. It’s just somebody told you, doesn’t mean you need to throw out your pillow, your comfort matters the most. Then it is advisable to use a pillow for your physiological and psychological support. 

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sleeping without pillow



So, sleeping without a pillow has its own advantages and disadvantages based on the type of sleeper you are. You can take the help of your doctor to understand the need for a pillow or not. There are pillows available in different materials, sizes, and types. Find your best pillow and happy sleeping. Find out more about such topics on HealthClubFinder.


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