Steps of Using Eye Creams

Steps of Using Eye Creams

Applying eye cream is one of the most seemingly simple and easy steps in a skincare routine. Most of you think it’s just- dab, massage, done—right? Well, there’s actually more than that. There are steps of using eye creams. The eye area is the first place to show signs of stress (fine lines, puffiness, inflammation). It’s needed to nourish your under eyes with the right ingredients and application technique. Luckily, you will get your tips and process of applying eye creams in this writing.  

Choosing Your Eye Cream

Steps of Using Eye Creams


Like you would select a moisturizer to target particular skin concerns, an eye cream should be chosen with the same care. The eye area is its zone on the face. Even if someone has oily skin, they might have dry skin around the eye area, or someone with combo skin may have a few crow’s feet. Think of these creams as a chance to tailor your skin routine to your specific needs. Not sure where to start? Here you can get some suggestions: 


A little too much wine, a rough night’s sleep, allergy seasons, etc. can turn a healthy complexion into a puffy danger zone. Try to find eye creams with soothing ingredients, such as arnica, green tea, and vitamins E and K. These ingredients help narrow the blood vessels, which decreases the appearance of swelling. You can also opt for products containing caffeine, which will boost circulation and perk up tired eyes. Don’t worry—this quick hit of energy is only skin-deep. You can still drink your cold brew without the extra jitters.


Fine lines and crow’s feet are a natural part of aging, but you also have the option to slow down this process. Try to find eye creams that are heavy on skin-loving vitamins and peptides. As we age, our natural levels of collagen begin to break down, but peptides (the bond that links your amino acids) can help stave off the lowering of collagen and aid in rebuilding your natural supply. In short, peptides are fantastic for eye creams.

Dry Skin

The eye area doesn’t contain oil glands, so the goal is always to keep this area well moisturized. So while oily skin types might shudder at the idea of richly textured products, this zone can easily suffer from dehydration without proper care. Eye creams that contain shea butter or hyaluronic acid that help gain moisture and create a protective barrier. Worried about breakouts? Be sure to steer clear of comedogenic elements, such as mineral oil and petroleum.

Dark Circles

Eye cream maybe cannot remove dark circles dramatically, but it can help minimize the appearance. Unfortunately, most eye circles are genetic and can’t be fixed with an eye cream—despite what marketing claims are made. By applying eye cream daily, you’ll keep the under eyes smooth and hydrated—which is the perfect way to prep this area for concealers.

How to Apply Eye Cream

Steps of Using Eye Creams


Let’s know the step by step process of applying eye cream. Follow these five easy steps to start caring for your under-eye area.

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step of a successful skincare routine is all about a quality cleansing routine. While you can undoubtedly cleanse the surface of your skin with a single product, we like covering all the bases with a double-cleansing practice. Start the process by removing your makeup with a cotton round soaked with a cleanser. Try to select a cleanser that is suitable for all types of skin. After removing all traces of makeup, then rinse off the cleanser.

You can also use face pack type cleansers. Slowly and gently massage the facial cleanser onto your face using circular motions, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Try to choose the cleaner based on your skin type, or else it may create an allergic reaction. 

Step 2: Exfoliate + Mask

To uprise your skincare routine a step further, consider exfoliating skin with a sugar scrub after cleansing. You can also purchase a good quality scrub to get a good result. For best results, exfoliate with the scrub three times per week. 

After that, you should use a face mask. It will add extra benefits to your skin. You can get various good quality face masks in the market. Apply a face mask for 10-15 minutes and after that, rinse it with water. By applying a face mask and good quality exfoliating scrubs, you can get smooth skin easily.  

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Step 3: Tone

After cleansing and exfoliating, you need to apply a toner. Reach for a bottle of the fresh toner and a cotton round. Then soak the cotton round with the toner and swipe it across your face. It will help to remove any traces of dirt or debris that could have a grasp on your complexion. Not only will this step make your cleanest skin, but it will also help soothe your complexion and reduce the appearance of pores. 

Step 4: Moisturize

You should not cleanse without preparing to moisturize instantly after that. That’s because post-cleansing when your skin is not dry, you have the chance to lock that hydration in by applying face cream or lotion overtop. Try to use a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid and aloe water. These components help to give long-lasting hydration to the skin.   

Step 5: Dot on Eye Cream

When it comes to eye cream, you just need a tiny amount. Seriously, you don’t need to overdo it! Please pick up a small amount of eye cream on your finger and dot it around the orbital bone area, from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye areas.

It is also needed to be careful with how you touch this sensitive skin. The fastest way to work a skincare product into your skin isn’t necessarily the best way to do it. Rubbing eye cream may be a quick and easy way to go, but it can create a harmful effect on the skin. Because the skin around the eyes area is very delicate, so you should apply the cream as smoothly as possible. After you’ve dotted it on, use the finger pad to pat, rather than rub, the eye cream to help it absorb. Keep patting until fully absorbed, and after that, you are done. 

These are the steps of using eye cream. Lastly, we suggest, use your eye cream morning and night. Some people prefer to use it during the day to make their concealers look better; others prefer using it at night. As for how this step fits within your routine, you’ll want to use your eye cream after cleansing and toning and before your night cream or moisturizer.