Stevia Vs Splenda: Which One To Consume Instead Of Sugar?

Stevia vs. Splenda

Nowadays people have become calorie-conscious way too much. High blood sugar level seems to be a common problem that people face nowadays and that is the reason people avoid consuming sugar. Now avoiding sweetness completely is not possible. People came up with lots of sweetener options that have completely replaced sugar. And stuff like that and while we talk about sweeteners we have to mention Stevia, as well as Splenda. People from worldwide are highly consuming both of them. The debate of Stevia vs Splenda still on and people are very curious to know about the best option ever.

Stevia vs Splenda

If you are also wondering about which sweetener is best then here is everything that you need to know about these two sweeteners so that you can decide about which one you should consume and you can simply eliminate the other one as well: You can also check How to improve Gut Health.


Stevia vs. Splenda


It is there in the market since 1998. It is one of the highest consumable artificial sweeteners in the world. This is an entirely chemical-based product and Sucralose can be seen in this product and on the other side this uses digestible sugar and mix that with sucralose to form the product. They do come in a number of forms such as you can get it in liquid form and you simply have to use a few drops of it to get the desired amount of sweetness.

They can also obtain in a tablet form which easily dissolvable into the food. The powder form of this product as well which just looks like superfine sugar. It mixes easily into the food in seconds which is a great thing. There is no such availability issue of this product which is again a good thing about this particular sweetener and this comes in a number of packets as well.

People, however, prefer this is the most because this doesn’t have any kind of bitter after taste that most artificial sweetener has rather it is very similar to sugar and you would not be able to differentiate both of them.

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Stevia vs. Splenda


Stevia is a natural-based sweetener that doesn’t have any calories and this superb for people with high blood sugar. Stevia is basically a plant and the sweetener comes from the Stevia plant itself. Not every region of the world can have Stevia harvest rather this plant can only grow in very hot weather.

The leaves are plucked and washed thoroughly first, then mostly sun-dried through other drying processes are also used. Then they get steeped in the hot water. Then they again get dried and then they are sold in different forms.

You can find them in liquid form which is easiest to use. You can also get the powdered form as well as dried leave forms of this product. If you want the Stevia blends then there will chemically mix in this. It is better to get the raw Stevia powder instead because this works nice and does the job as well.

They do come in a number of packages and you might feel weird after taste which doesn’t last for more than 5 minutes or so. Stevia would still need some time to get popular because there are people who have never heard of Stevia before but in the coming days, Stevia would be everywhere since it is more natural and so has fewer side effects as compared to others.

Nutritional Comparison

Now both of them will give you sweetness and people can consume them who are suffering from high sugar. Now Stevia doesn’t contain any calories so it is perfect for those who are calorie-conscious. Splenda contains some calories however its value is very less as compared to sugar as well as other sweetening agents.

When it comes to the nutritional values both the products hardly have anything other than carb. However, Stevia does have some vitamins but the quantity is so less that it would do nothing for your body. So we simply cannot differentiate both things much on the basis of nutrition. But the fact cannot be denied that Stevia seems a bit better here since it doesn’t have any calories. Here are some Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy.

Stevia is not as sweet as Splenda and that is the reason most people get Splenda. Also, you would require a very less amount of Splenda in your food whereas you might need to add a good amount of Stevia to make your food sweet as desired. Stevia has a weird taste that you might not like whereas Splenda doesn’t have any such tastes other than sweetness.

Stevia vs Splenda


Things To Know

Many studies done on these two products show that Stevia is less dangerous to health and also doesn’t have any such side effects whereas Splenda is not recommended to many people since it can Raise the Blood Sugar Level of those people who are not used to it. Studies done on rats also show that Splenda kills the healthy gut bacteria leaving some harmful bacteria in your body. So overall it can be said that you can consume Stevia as it is better than Splenda but the quantity. However, you should maintain it.

Many studies on Stevia are yet to come which would reveal the long-term effects of having Stevia.

These were everything that you need to know about Stevia vs Splenda. 

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