Sugar Headache Causes, Conditions, Treatment, and Symptoms

Most people do not know this, but sugar is highly essential for the body. A too little or excessive amount of sugar can cause severe problems such as Sugar headaches. The reason for this is that sugar directly affects the brain and nervous system. You can prevent a headache after eating sugar if you learn how to maintain an accurate sugar level in the diet that may help you ward off headaches in the future. It is always essential to learn about the medical condition of which you may not know off. To help you understand even better, we have this article for you to learn all about sugar headache. 

Headaches can happen due to various reasons that can be annoying and debilitating. You must understand what triggers those headaches. Hormonal changes and blood sugar levels play an essential role in causing headaches, and sugar will affect these.

A Dive into Headache from Sugar?

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The human body contains an adequate amount of sugar at all times so that it can fuel our cells. There are some people who have natively low or high blood sugar levels, so everyone should maintain optimal blood sugar. It will help them feel good and avoid sugar headaches, and you will also avoid some uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms.

A sugar headache may happen when the levels of blood sugar are not balanced. There are some names and kinds of sugar headaches known as sugar crashes. For instance, many kids love to consume sugary items such as cakes, candies, or cookies. Consuming too much of these can cause their blood sugar level to become oversaturated, and they crash a little while later.

There are some children who can tackle the sugar headache, and some are not that lucky. Adults also go through sugar headaches if they do not pay attention to their diets. There are two types of sugar headaches: low blood sugar headaches and high blood sugar headaches, which can irritate the blood vessels around the sinuses and head, which cause disruptions in the hormone.

It is always essential for kids and adults to check the amount of sugar they are consuming daily as it can cause severe problems. Too much of anything is harmful to the body, even when its role is to provide benefits to the body.

Headaches from sugar have a lot to do with blood sugar levels. Sugar is something that gives the body energy by entering the bloodstream after consuming sugar. The body will maintain a proper blood sugar level by breaking down the glucose with insulin. Downs and ups in the blood celulose level will affect the brain more than any other organ in the body. These ups and downs tend to cause headaches. Amongst the reasons for the headache from sugar is that hormones are activated by sugar levels that happen due to glucose.

How Much Sugar Does the Body Need?

It is now becoming more challenging to manage an adequate sugar amount. Not maintaining proper sugar levels may lead to low blood sugar headache or high blood sugar headache. It is common for Americans to consume more sugar than the average sugar intake. The AHA endorses that women consume no more than six teaspoons of sugar in a day, and men consume more than nine teaspoons. It is a sharp difference from what Americans usually consume. They consume more than 22 teaspoons for adults and 34 teaspoons for children, and this estimation is based on the daily consumption of sugar.

Generally, an average human should maintain a blood sugar level between 70-120 mg per deciliter. The number may change in people with diabetes or other health conditions. It is always better that you go for a frequent body checkup. It will help you be on track with your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and other essential things to help you be fit. Going for a frequent checkup has helped countless people get rid of underlying medical conditions of headache after eating sugar before getting any worse.

What Are Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia?

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Consuming excessive amounts or little to no sugar can cause headaches that may be related to sugar headaches. There are health conditions such as diabetes that may leave you more inclined towards experiencing sugar headaches. Two reasons may cause this headache, whether you can increase the risk of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.


It happens due to low sugar headaches, which occur by not having sufficient sugar in the bloodstream. It occurs when the blood glucose level goes below 70 mg. it may happen after skipping a meal or staying without food for a long time. Those who have diabetes may experience hyperglycemia regularly. It is because the body is not able to control blood sugar levels on its own. If you are consuming insulin, it may be exacerbated.

There are also high chances of going through reactive hypoglycemia, which refers to the rapid drop in the blood sugar level after a meal. It happens in four hours of eating. For instance, eating simple sugar, such as white sugar, will raise the blood sugar quickly, and then insulin will overproduce, which is the rapid decrease in blood sugar.

Both types of hypoglycemia can potentially cause migraines and headaches. A headache that is dull and throbbing the temples is a type of migraine and headache. Many people also tend to feel nauseous with a migraine and headache that happens due to hypoglycemia.


It is known as a high blood sugar headache. This condition is caused by having a blood sugar that is too high in level. It tends to happen when the body cannot break down the sugar effectively with insulin. In this condition, the blood sugar levels may rise more than 180-200 mg. Having a headache after eating sugar can also be an early sign of blood sugar that is too high. Headaches linked with hyperglycemia can start less severe and get worse as the blood sugar level goes high or is at that level.

Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Sugar can also be addictive, which may cause brain activity changes that are similar to addictive drugs. Consuming less sugar than usual can trigger the headache in the form of withdrawal symptoms. It can potentially happen on the initial day of the diet, such as removing sugar or cutting on candy from the diet.

According to a study, when a body gets excessive sucrose, the brain will produce a high amount of dopamine. The same study also noted the decrease in dopamine in rats when the sucrose withdrawal happened. 

Many people do not know this, but dopamine is the neurotransmitter that has a critical role in pleasure, mood, and motivation. It is also linked with addiction. When people stop sugar consumption suddenly, the brain will go into a state of withdrawal which can cause migraines and headaches. The best way to tackle the withdrawal symptoms is to gradually reduce the consumption of sugar.

Treatment for Headache from Sugar

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An isolated headache will need normal treatment. It may include the use of over-the-counter medicines, stress reduction, and homeopathic remedies. The instant treatment for hyperglycemia is to increase the blood sugar level quickly. You can perform this with the help of drinking juice or soft drink which is sugar-based, or you can simply eat candy. If the indications do not improve within 15 minutes, you can consume more sugar. If the symptoms do not go away and persist, you should call your doctor immediately.

You should treat the chronic headache with the help of a doctor’s advice. When having frequent hypoglycemia, you may need to consume meals regularly at scheduled times and consume foods without carbs such as white sugar. You will also have to adjust the eating schedule to eat more frequent small meals daily. Sugar-related headaches that happen due to diabetes will need a more in-depth treatment plan. You must work with a doctor so that you can develop the plan.

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Who is More Likely to Experience Sugar Headaches?

Not all those who suffer from migraines will have the same triggers, but one common trigger is sugar. And it is not any sugar that will trigger the headache, but sweeteners like sucrose are also headache-causing sugar.

A medical condition in which the body will not produce sufficient insulin or cannot use it appropriately is prone to sugar headaches. It causes the sugar level to increase in the blood. Constantly having low or high blood sugar levels can cause various life-threatening conditions. It can also lead to headaches. 

Not all people with diabetes will have headaches, but those who have a hard time managing the downs and ups of the blood sugar level can have headaches. The more ups and downs, the more chances of experiencing sugar headaches.

You can treat this medical condition depending on whether it is hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. If the blood tests conclude that you can have low blood sugar levels, you can eat a small white sugar.


These are all the information about the sugar headache that can help you identify and get rid of the medical condition efficiently. Always ensure to do frequent checkups to know more about your body and work at making it more healthy. A healthy body will help you to stay fitter and make you look younger.

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