Some Amazing Summer Weight Loss Food To Try Out In This Summer

Summer Diet

Summer has already arrived and made our life tougher than ever. Summer is said to be a favorite month for many people due to a number of reasons. It is the time when you can flaunt your style along with the tan which seems to be super cool. Summer is not the coolest month for working out as well as for dieting. So, if you would make a proper Summer Diet Plan and would follow it then you would be able to lose would pound even in the month of summer. 

Summer is already very hot and due to global warming, it has become impossible for many people to come out and walk so people prefer traveling in an A.C car which decreases body movement so the stored fat doesn’t get burned up. Working out in the summer seems to be a task that everyone prefers to avoid because it gets too hot and sweaty. So, if you want to lose some weight even during summer then only Summer Food can help you out. People already tend to avoid fried as well as hot stuff during summer. You can also check How to improve Gut Health.

If you are wondering about Summer Weight Loss Plan which would help you to be fit in summer then here are some food listed below that you need to check out. Also, consider having them during the summer season to get the maximum benefits:


Summer Diet: Watermelon


We cannot stress enough the point that how important it is to get your body hydrated. You don’t like dry hair and skin right? So just like that your body also doesn’t like to be dehydrated. It is very important for you to get your body hydrated at every particular interval. Now you may not like to drink tons of water and liquid.

So, you need to find healthy alternatives of liquid and watermelon is one such amazing fruit which has 90 % of the water in it so it would not only keep your tummy full but at the same time, it would also keep your body hydrated which is a great thing for sure.

Apart from all watermelon has so many health as well as beauty benefits. Most importantly it keeps your tummy fuller without providing any extra fat in your body which is a great thing. There are so many ways to eat a watermelon. The most popular one is to cut big pieces and enjoy them directly after refrigerating them.


Summer Diet: Corn


Corn is full of antioxidants that would help in your body’s detoxification which seems to be a very healthy process. And detoxification helps in weight loss which is a great thing for sure. You would be amazed to know that if you would have corn in the month of summers then this would save your body from harmful effects of sun rays as corn is said to have natural sun protection properties which is a cool thing.

Most importantly sweet corn tastes so amazing that you would not say no to it often. This is so delicious that even kids love having sweet corn. Now corn is a filling food item that would keep you full for a long period of time. You would not binge on junk food after having corn. There are so Many Ways To Cook Corn but authentic boiled sweet corn with a coat of herbs, seasoning, and butter seems to be the best one and you can also add corn in a number of dishes.


Summer Diet: Tomatoes


Sun protection is what we need the most during summers. And apart from our sunscreens, tomatoes can also provide you sun protection which is a great thing for sure. It is said that consuming red tomatoes can give you the best sun protection. It would also help you in losing some weight which is a great thing.

Tomatoes contain a huge amount of water them which also helps in keeping your body hydrated throughout the time. The antioxidants, as well as other nutrients in tomatoes, are always a bonus to your body. There are so many ways to have tomatoes. Tossing some pieces of tomatoes in a salad with few other veggies is the best way to have tomatoes. Other than this you can also have tomato juice as it is very refreshing making it best for summers.


Summer Diet: Eat Curd


Curd or yogurt, are very healthy for your body and are full of probiotics. The best part of curd is that it would not only make your body healthy. It would also help your body in losing some weight which is a great thing for sure. As you already know now that curd is packed with probiotics. It would look after your gut health. It would also make your digestion better which would automatically help your body to lose some weight.

Curd can be eaten in multiple ways and it is always better to have fat-free unflavored curd so that it would not provide your body with extra fat. Here you can beat some curd to form a fine paste and add some freshly chopped fruits as well as nuts in it and enjoy it whenever you want. It is so refreshing that it would cool down your body which is much needed in the months of summer.

Iced Tea

Summer Diet


Tea is full of caffeine which is super effective for those who are trying to lose some weight. Since it is summer and people avoid hot things, you can try iced tea which is super easy to prepare. It has everything that hot tea would serve you with and preferably you should go with green tea. Avoid having milk tea as it can be an obstacle in your weight loss journey. It can also have acidic reactions in your body.

Green tea is also filled with antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties which would help your body in detoxification and on the other hand it would also help in healing your body from within. It is super easy to prepare and you would need some hot water, some crushed ginger, and some lemon juice, and of course some ice cubes. Now you have to boil water and crushed ginger and strain the water and add a green tea bag to it and after that, you can add some lemon juice and for sweetness, you can add a spoon full of honey.

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Lemon Juice

Summer Diet


Lemon juice is full of refreshing properties and is very beneficial when it comes to weight loss. It also helps in dealing with certain health and beauty issues which is a great thing for sure.

Lemon is full of citric acid which helps in melting down the excessive restored fat. If you would be able to have lemon juice at least twice a day then you would be able to see a visible difference in your weight within few days. You can also add lemon juice to your food to add that sour punch or you can simply make lemonade out of a lemon and enjoy it in summer and it would surely refresh your body.

To make lemonade you would, of course, need some lemon juice, some cold water, some ice cubes, some roasted cumin seed powder, some black salt, and honey. You have to mix everything together and your tangy and yummy lemonade is ready to enjoy.


Summer Diet


Many people love cucumber because of its refreshing taste. But, you would be amazed to know that cucumber has so many amazing health benefits in it. If you would consider having at least one cucumber on a regular basis then soon you would be able to see a visible difference in your weight which is an amazing thing for sure.

Cucumber has some antioxidant as well as some anti-inflammatory properties which help in proper detoxification of the body. It also helps in the proper digestion of food which automatically helps in weight loss. Cucumber also has a number of beauty benefits and it can also soothe sunburns instantly like magic.

People eat cucumber in different ways but nothing can beat having cucumber as a salad with salt and chili flakes. You can also add some more seasoning as well as some other fruits for better taste. People also enjoy having cucumber juice as it is very refreshing and it keeps the body cool even in the hot summer months. It is one of the Low Sodium Snacks that you can enjoy.

Coriander and Basil Seed Juice

Summer Diet


This is a miracle juice that would help you in extreme weight loss and it is great for summers as well because it would keep your body cool throughout the time. It is super easy to prepare and you can even store it for two days at least and at the same time, it is so delicious that you would crave for more.

Both coriander, as well as basil seeds, help in melting down your belly fat and if you have digestion issues then you can also add some roasted cumin seeds to the drink. Here you would have to soak basil seeds in water for 30 minutes and you would see that the seeds would increase in size and would become fluffy.

Now you would have to heat some water and put coriander seeds in the boiling water and let it simmer until the water reduces and gets a nice yellow to light green color and then you would have to let the water cool down and then mix soaked basil seeds in the water and enjoy with some lemon juice as well as honey.


Summer Diet


No matter what the season is but nothing can beat water and it is so helpful when it comes to weight loss and if you are trying to lose some weight then you can try increasing the water intake of your body. Here if you would have a glass of water before every meal then it would not only make your body hydrated but it would also make your tummy fuller so you would not have too much food and ultimately this would help in cutting down your calories consumption.

These were some of the best Summer Diet foods that you can try during summers.

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