Swimmer’s Ear: Everything You Need To Know About The Ear Infection

ear infection

Wound caused in the middle, outer or inner ear due to bacterial attack is called an ear infection. Outer ear infection is also known by the name of swimmer’s ear and it is the most common infection among all the three ear infections. This infection often takes place if your ears are in contact with moisture for a long period of time.

People who spend most of the time in water are likely to get affected by this infection i.e. swimmers. This can also cause if the thinnest coating of skin that covers the ear canal get injured or damaged. This might happen due to insertion of headphones or maybe by scratching.

Symptoms of ear infection


ear infection

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It is the most common sign of an ear infection; here your ear will swell and you may face difficulty in hearing and you may also observe some fluid coming out of your ear. Pus or fluid starts dripping from the ear when the ear infection spreads and does not dry out.

Severe pain and irritation:

ear infection

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You may sense an unbearable pain in your ears which causes due to the infection and it can also result into irritation causing itching sensation in the area of infection. If by chance you would scratch over the area of infection than it may spread and would definitely take more time for drying.

Heat as well as redness:

ear infection

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You may observe that the temperature around the ear is more than that of your whole body and you may also see some redness resembling rashes around or in the ear. This may become a discomfort for you and may even result into ear pain.

Here are some amazing preventions as well as a cure for the ear infection:

ear infection

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  • In most of the cases these out ear infections get cure by their own and in case it is not completely healed then you may get some antibiotic ear drops prescribed by your doctor. You should never ignore such symptoms of ear infection and should always visit a doctor for a checkup.

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  • The best way to prevent ear infection is to keep water or moisture away from your ears. You can even keep cotton balls or earbuds in your ear while going for swimming or any area where you might get in contact with water, you should also stuff your ears with cotton balls while taking a shower.

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  • You should never scratch the inner part of your ear not even with delicate cotton buds, this itching may promote ear infection and it sometimes prevents the ear infection from drying. Don’t even try to clean the ear wax on your own as earwax helps to avoid infection-causing bacteria from infecting the ears.

ear infection

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  • Always pat dry your ear after taking a bath or after swimming, this will keep the moisture away and would keep ears clean and dry. You may also apply the mixture of rubbing alcohol as well as vinegar after swimming for getting your ears dry.

Ear infection is common in children so it is really important to understand the symptoms of the ear infections. Never let your kid poke their ear with anything like a pen, pins etc, this may cause permanent ear damage as well. in order to stay safe, you should take care of the few steps so that you as well as your dear ones don’t get affected by an ear infection.