How the World Saying Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

After two years of a rising number of COVID 19 cases, it’s now when the world is finding some relief from this demon. The number that had gone up to more than 800 million cases in January 2022 is less than 300 million cases in April 2022 – all thanks to coronavirus helpers!

One reason we could reduce the effect of COVID 19 is thanks to those of us who take the coronavirus guidelines seriously. But the primary reason is the fantastic efforts of coronavirus helpers. 

These include doctors who treated COVID patients, scientists who created the vaccine, the police who helped control the chaos, and volunteers who helped people live through this dire phase of life.

But how can we say thank you coronavirus helpers? How do we go about #HelpingTheHelpers

Here Are 8 Ways People Around the World Have Said Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

1. A Video To Salute Farmers

Even though the COVID-19 had a significant impact on farmers, they toiled hard to provide us with vegetables, grains, fruits, and meat all through the pandemic. No other way would we be able to feed ourselves while staying safe, quarantined in our homes from the comfort of our couches.

The Michigan Farm Bureau understands the importance of farmers and thus created a Video tribute.

2. A Window Note for the Caregivers

Ohio’s first-ever case of COVID 19 was a 38-year-old patient Nic Brown. On the glass window of his isolation room, he penned an emotional letter. The letter thanked the staff at Cleveland Clinic as they helped him recover from the Coronavirus.

3. A Caravan To Say Thank You To Coronavirus Helpers

One fine April day in 2020, the neighbors of Sibley Memorial Hospital drove down MacArthur Boulevard road. They started the caravan at the Palisades fire station and ended at Sibley. 

With honking horns and cheering from car windows, they paid their tribute to Sibley’s firefighters and hospital staff. They also thanked the police officers, take-out operators, and market people like grocers, who didn’t stop their jobs and duties during the COVID pandemic.

4. Adam Sandler’s Song For Frontline Docs And Nurses

The Happy Gilmore actor debuted a song for doctors, nurses, and firefighters. Every emergency responder didn’t shy away from helping people in the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic.

His song had some lines about social distancing, family, and the lack of medical supplies these days. Plus, the difficulties with homeschooling. Primarily the song was about how crucial the role doctors play in all of our lives – from helping us be born to taking care of our grandmothers.

5. Europeans and New Yorkers Clap Away

New Yorkers and Europeans appreciated applauding, cheering, and sometimes singing to frontline coronavirus fighters on their porches, balconies, and windows.

New Yorkers especially made it a routine – daily at 7 PM, they would come out of their homes to clap and say thank you to these coronavirus helpers.

6. Thank You, Helpers – The Google Doodle Way

After the novel, the Coronavirus pandemic ravaged the world, and we needed a little bit of cheering up; a Google doodle came to help.

On a Saturday in April 2020, Google’s doodle said thank you to all Coronavirus helpers. The doodle illustrated how these warriors – the firefighters, doctors, nurses, cleaners, teachers, etc. were assisting people during the global outbreak. 

7. A Musical Tribute From the Sounds of Isha

The Isha Foundation, led by Sadhguru – a spiritual master of India, presented a musical tribute. Named Samarpan, the tribute is to say their thank you coronavirus helpers. It expresses their heartfelt gratitude to the corona warriors who place our lives above their own.

After all, the Healthcare community, the Armed forces, police, cleaners, the farmers, and everyone fighting on the front lines have helped us pass through what’s probably the toughest period of our lives.

8. Ariel Salute by Air Force

In May 2020, the Indian Air Force thanked coronavirus helpers like doctors and nurses with an impressive fly-past. They did this in several Indian cities and showered flower petals at some hospitals by an IAF chopper.

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How Can You Thank Coronavirus Helpers

  1. No need for anything fancy. Just say, “Thank you. Thank you for helping me out even during the pandemic.”
  2. Buy them flowers or pluck some from your garden to thank you coronavirus helpers.
  3. If you can’t meet them face-to-face, send them a Thank you note in a text or email.
  4. Recommend them to a friend or colleague.
  5. Give their service a favorable review on Google or Trustpilot. This will help increase their sales.
  6. Donate to a charity related to them. For example, a healthcare charity if you want to thank your healthcare provider or a police charity if you are thanking some police officer. Don’t forget to let them know you have made that donation as a thank you.
  7. Can’t think of anything special? Please give them a Gift card.
  8. If you want to thank not one but a group of coronavirus helpers, you can host a dinner party or buy a snack for them all.
  9. If you have your service, offer them a free service. For example, if you own a salon, you can offer them a free haircut or skin treatment, or if you own a toy shop, you can let their kids get some toys for free.
  10. If nothing else, you can always offer to volunteer whenever and however you can. For example, teachers can take your help in supervising students. Or you can help grocery store workers take a break by helping organize the groceries. #HelpingTheHelpers

thank you coronavirus helpers


Wrapping Up

While some say thank you coronavirus helpers by creating videos and songs, others do it by cheering and applauding. 

You can choose whatever suits you; something as simple and personal as a thank you note would do. What’s important is the feeling of gratitude you express and the appreciation these essential workers deserve to get.

Don’t think twice! Pick a method from the list above and say thank you coronavirus helpers that made a difference in your life during the pandemic.

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