Top Diet Trends for Women in 2022

We are just a few weeks away from entering 2022, and people are already in line to make resolutions for the coming year. All the women out there who are taking a pledge to design an effective and efficient weight loss schedule would be gearing up to hit the gym or practicing training techniques that assist them in managing their weight and overall diet trends. Moreover, it is all the more self-evident to try and reduce some pesky pounds considering the plethora of sweets you are going to eat while celebrating the arrival of the new year

Now here is the thing with diets, how can you identify which one would work best for you and which one would just be another waste of time and energy? Remember, fad diets are hiding behind the veil of dietary plans that would only make things worse. Following a diet plan isn’t about effectiveness; but it is more about sustainability. 

Also, you cannot just blindly follow any diet trends and expect optimum results from them. Patience and Perseverance is the key here. This article will help you define the diet trends followed by megastars & celebrities and recommended by experts. These diet plans can help you ladies move a step closer to a dream body in 2022 and perfectly fit in the dress you have been eyeing at that fancy retail store for a long time!

Best Diet Trends for Women to Follow in 2022

For any woman aiming to develop a fit body, you must identify a thin line that segregates an excellent or bad dietary plan- its ability to reduce weight for the long-term. When you choose a specific nutritional plan for holistic health and wellness, make sure to identify the one that asks you to involve sufficiently healthy food and not exclude all the nutritious parts. 

The better you eat, the better your system becomes, and there is no shortcut to reducing weight. While we list the best diet trends for you, make sure you have your goals aligned to any of these nutrition plans so that when you start employing them in your daily life, you can see visible results. Let’s walk you through all pertinent information related to the top diet trends for women.

Intermittent Fasting:

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


Intermittent Fasting is a dietary trend that involves an eating and fasting cycle of 24 hours. Fasting has been an excellent way to detoxify the body since ancient times. For those women who will eat a lot of pies, Christmas candies, and all the fancy new year meals, intermittent fasting could be a great way to balance your diet and restrict your eating hours to a specific time of the day. 

At what time of the day you eat your meal defines a lot about your body’s internal mechanism. People with improper eating schedules and stress lurking around find it hard to cope with any disease and are more prone to many forthcoming physical ailments. As a woman, it is also essential to keep up with your meals, specifically on days when the hormones transition and require more nutrition than other days. Hence, intermittent fasting could be an excellent option to manage your waistline and overall fitness. 

Science also backs up the phenomenon that consuming enough calories during breakfast has helped dieters lose at least twice more weight than those who had a heavy meal during dinner. So when you are under intermittent fasting, you are bound by a few hours during the day when you can consume food, and the other times you are fasting. You can eat only a couple of meals in an entire week, facilitating weight loss and burning calories. 

Intermittent Fasting Types

There are different ways to design your intermittent fasting schedule and go ahead with it based on your comfort and body’s strength. Here are some of these fasting cycles you can try:

  • 16/8 hours, dividing the 24 hours into two sections: 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of fixing a meal. You can choose to eat more than one meal in these 8 hours, but the time must be restricted so that the fasting routine reflects some result. For instance, If you eat your breakfast at 8 am, you need to fast for the next 16 hours. 
  • 5:2 Fasting involves eating a regular healthy and nutritious meal five days a week, but choose any two days where you will limit your calorie intake. For women, the calorie intake reduces to 500 a day. Now you can either consume 500g calories in one go or divide it into two sections of 250g. 
  • 24 Hours fasting or Eat Stop Eat Fasting calls for keeping a gap of 24 hours between two meals. You eat a meal today during lunch, then go fasting for the next 24 hours until the next day during lunchtime. 24 Hours fasting or Eat Stop Eat Fasting calls for keeping a gap of 24 hours between two meals. It is your choice whether you choose breakfast to breakfast, lunch to lunch, or Dinner to dinner fasting routine. Some of you might find it a little too extreme initially, but ladies, you can always begin by taking the first step. 
  • The next is Warrior Diet which has a meal similar to Paleo Keto Diet that involves eating raw and unprocessed foods such as fruits and only consuming a wholesome meal during dinner time. You would get a 3-4 hours duration to eat your dinner, and then again, you go eating only raw fruits in the morning. 

You can choose not to follow a specific routine while fasting and skip any meal during the day. However, what works best is always following a plan that would help you design a diet chart with all the nutritious foods included. Hence, when you are fasting, your body is equipped to handle the starvation mode and begins with the metabolism switching plan where the body breaks down fat instead of sugar to provide you energy and survive. 

Is the 30-day Result of Intermittent Fasting Possible?

According to several testimonials on the internet, people have experienced intermittent fasting results in 30 days. Moreover, if we go by the expert’s opinion, the results could be seen immediately. According to Varady, an expert researcher on intermittent fasting, she found through her 15 years of study that intermittent fasting or alternate-day fasting can help a person lose upto 3 pounds in a week following intermittent fasting. 

People found exceptional results in their health and inner mechanism through one month’s intermittent fasting that led to a reduction in bad cholesterol levels and improved blood pressure. All women need to focus on revamping their lifestyle for the long term to see visible results of intermittent fasting in 30 days. Going back to the regular eating routine once you see results would not yield a better outcome, and you will see your waistline going back to square one. 

Who Should Not Do Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting is a typically healthy technique to reduce weight for most women.  However, intermittent fasting during pregnancy isn’t a feasible option because your child needs enough nutrients during that phase. You can not think of losing pesky pounds as it could lower your blood sugar levels. 

Also, intermittent fasting isn’t a suitable option for women who are breastfeeding. If they skip meals, it could affect their body’s nutrition level, and since at this phase, women experience several hormonal changes, missing on a diet could harm their overall health. Other than that, if you are a diabetic patient or have blood pressure issues, it is best to avoid intermittent fasting as the initial days of the diet could be harsh. 

Initially, when you begin with the diet trend, you can experience Diarrhea due to intermittent fasting, or there may be some bowel movement disruption, irritability, hunger. Still, once you cross ten days of regularly following a specific type of intermittent fasting, your body would gradually adapt to the changes and show relevant results. 

When Should You Stop with Intermittent Fasting?

People have also reported that they stopped intermittent fasting after a particular time because they suffered from fatigue, sleeping issues, missing out on menstruation, etc. However, it usually happens to people who had eating disorders or health issues in the past. Consider talking to a dietician or doctor when you are trying to follow up on this diet trend. 

Paleo Diet:Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


Believe it or not, our ancestors had a better metabolism and lifestyle than we live in the present. It is because they had a diet that relied on whole and raw foods with no unprocessed fad diets getting comfortable inside their refrigerator (they did not have one!). The Paleo diet has been one of the millennials’ most preferred diet trends because of how organic and earthy it is, and the results are unbelievable. 

Paleolithic Humans were the ancestors who used to hunt and survive on whatever raw food they derived from the forests or whichever wilderness they were living in, and that’s why the Paleo Diet has also derived its name from the ancestral or primal humans. This diet simply relies on organic or plant-based foods and scraps out all the processed foods that are the primary reason behind increasing calories and poor health. 

Diet supporters believe that our body isn’t designed to digest processed and synthetic foods such as soft drinks, sugar, dairy products, etc. However, if you follow a Paleo Keto Diet,  one can consume dairy products since they are a good source of fat, and the Keto diet is all about High amounts of Fat, moderate amounts of protein, and low to no carbohydrates in a diet plan. 

Keto Paleo Diet

Now there isn’t just one way to follow a paleo diet. People have been integrating Paleo and Keto diets for quite some time now. It is a paleolithic diet to reach the ketosis phase, which regulates the metabolism much faster. It would be better to say that the Paleo Diet is precisely similar to a Ketogenic diet wherein you are only allowed to eat. 

  • Protein in higher amount
  • Moderate to the high amount of Monounsaturated and saturated omega-3 fatty foods
  • Eating enough antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins which could be derived from plant-based organic foods.
  • Low amounts of carbohydrates mainly processed foods, refined sugar, legumes, and dairy products.
  • Increasing the intake of sodium and potassium-based unprocessed foods.  

The Paleo Diet is equally popular with keto diet trends because it emphasizes fat and protein, facilitating the body to utilize all the accumulated fat for energy production; meanwhile, your cellular health keeps improving too. 

Modified Paleo Diet

There are different kinds of Modified Paleo Diet based on the modern-day take and the capacity of people to adapt to this lifestyle and skip all the unprocessed carbohydrates-based food. People have come up with paleo before and after effects to lose belly fat at an excess. Women who had hormonal issues kept practicing the diet trend for a more extended period, and they were able to see visible results where they had improved obesity problems. They offered a more fulfilling meal to an individual. 

You can follow different dietary plans under Paleo-Keto or only the Paleo diet that works best for your routine. One of the biggest paleo diet cons is the unavailability of a fixed guide informing you what to eat and how to go about this nutritional plan. However, this is what we found from our understanding and research:

  • Eating animal-based foods, unprocessed lean meat, eggs, seafood, fruits that are available seasonally, etc.
  • Eliminating the inflammatory foods such as Gluten, Grains, Dairy, sugar, junk, etc. and opt for veggies, fruits, and natural fats
  • Drink a moderate amount of alcohol, such as superior quality red wine.
  • Eat chocolate with upto 70% cocoa in it. 
  • Drink beverages like tea or coffee when you find yourself thirsty. This is similar to intermittent fasting, the fastest way to reach ketosis level while following the Keto Paleo diet.

Paleo Diet for Diabetes

The Paleo Diet is an excellent choice for women suffering or diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes since it largely influences their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, it also improves cholesterol levels, and all of this takes place in just two weeks. So Paleo Diet for Diabetes is an efficient choice if you pledge to bring the required changes in your lifestyle as calories and sugar intake would reduce significantly. 

Several paleo diet pros make it a good choice for your new year’s resolution. As you try to select an appropriate dietary trend, paleo could help you bring your body into a healthy shape. Still, it also restricts eating many modern-day nutritional foods such as legumes, whole grains, etc. But high-fat dairy products could be included in some of the Paleo nutrition plans. 

You can say that amongst all these newest diet trends for 2022, Paleo can make you go back to your roots, where primal instincts called for raw and wild food instead of fancy and synthetic food items.  

Atkins Diet:

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


The next on the list is Atkins Diet. Have you noticed that most 2021 diet trends exceeded and transferred to diet trends in 2022 do have one thing in common? Since these are dietary plans for healthy weight loss, they ask you to eliminate carbs from your eating routine and emphasize protein and fat. The Atkins Diet is no different from the other diet trends in 2022.

The Atkins Diet was introduced by a physician named Dr. Robert C. Atkins. He popularized this diet by writing a book on it in 1972. Initially, people went against the diet, stating that it only offers to eat saturated fat, which could be harmful to health. But according to several studies over the years, saturated fat has only been reducing Bad Cholesterol and improving blood sugar levels and triglycerides. 

The biggest and most prominent reason behind the reduction in weight loss is the intake of low carb and calories. Since you consume more protein and fat in an Atkin diet, it reduces your appetite and works towards breaking down the fat into energy. 

Eco-Atkins Diet

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


If you are a vegetarian and want to rely on complete plant-based food for your diet trend in 2022, you can reasonably go with the Eco-Atkins Diet. While a regular Atkins Diet is prevalent amongst women as the newest diet trend, it involves eating a lot of animal fat which shows fair results in weight loss. 

But you can choose to go with only plant-based protein food and leave out foods like bacon, sea fish, etc. Instead, you can choose to eat high protein foods like soy foods, beans, nuts, seeds, no-starch gluten products, fruits, and vegetables. But it is necessary to be mindful of fruits and vegetables, which are high in carbs. If you are looking for cooking oil, use coconut or Olive oil which is excellent plant-based sources. 

When you go along with an Eco-Atkins Diet, try to choose low-starch vegetables that do not increase your carb intake, which is the sole purpose of the Atkins diet. You can expect to gain only 43% of calories from vegetables. Once you stop eating grains like barley, bread, and baked foods, they significantly reduce the calorie or carb intake, supporting the plan of weight loss. 

Jeannie Gazzaniga-Moloo, Ph. DRD, a spokesperson of the American Dietic Association, says that there isn’t much variation in the Eco-Atkin diet compared to other diet trends in 2022. A person can adjust to the diet and show weight loss results because all the food ingredients involve plants rich in fiber, and it was relatively easier to stick to a low-calorie and carb plan. 

Modified Atkins Diet

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


Modified Atkins diet means making a change in the traditional Keto Diet trend based on modern-day food habits. If you follow this diet trend in 2022, you can add fewer beverages in garb and sweeteners; you can choose to measure or not measure the fat intake. 

You can eat carbs, but you need to monitor your intake of carb foods daily, and the most important thing is the unnecessariness of fasting to make your body reach ketosis level. You can just choose to eliminate significant amounts of carbs from your dietary plan. You can choose to eat:

  • High Fat Food such as Bacon, lamb, chicken, butter, Heavy cream, etc
  • Remove soft drinks from your everyday meal, such as fruit juices, candy ice cream, etc., because they have artificial sweeteners that increase the intake of calories and carbs per day.
  • Eat Low carb vegetables like Kale, Spinach, broccoli, etc.
  • Consume nuts and seeds like Almonds, Walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc. 
  • Choose your carbohydrates wisely, and stick to foods like chocolate rich in cocoa or Blueberries.
  • Design your dietary plan that has enough calories and protein. 

It is not essential to stick to the conventional Keto diet trend in 2022 when you can easily modify the Atkins diet based on your suitability. The only rule is to stick to low carb, high protein, and moderate fat foods. Hence, the new diet trends give you the flexibility to figure out foods that go with your everyday lifestyle and support the cause of weight management too. 

Atkins Shake Diet

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


Another thing you can add to your Atkin diet is the Atkin shake diet. While you keep thinking about the perfect beverage besides coffee or tea, you can choose to make the Atkin diet high in protein and fiber. Several Atkin Shake mixes offer at least 15 grams of Protein and enough vitamins and minerals. 

You can choose to add flavors such as Vanilla Cream Shake, Dark Chocolate Atkin shake diet, Mocha Latte Shake, etc., that do not make it sweet and full of carbs. However, remember not single-handedly to consume Atkin shake as your meal, but add wholesome foods that provide you with enough energy to survive for the rest of the day. 

Amongst the Atkin diet’s pros and cons, the significant drawback is reducing the intake of grains, fruits, and vegetables that offer enough nutrients but have a high amount of carbohydrates. The diet plan is hard to maintain like any other diet trend in 2022 and could have possible side effects at the beginning of the dietary plan. 

But the ultimate benefit is weight loss and improved health conditions. There are specific segments of people who witnessed increased carbs and blood sugar levels due to this new diet trend, but this does not make the nutrition plan any less competent. 

Vegan Diet:

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


The vegan diet will be the most popular trend in 2022 because of the number of people who are increasingly shifting towards veganism or, as we say, plant-based foods. But experts have confirmed that it is an excellent choice for those who want to reduce some pounds and witness efficient weight management. All those women looking forward to a slim waistline can show amazing results if you follow the vegan diet accurately. 

As you understand, the word veganism where only plant-based foods and nutrition matter, no animals are harmed in consuming enough fat and protein for a better body shape and healthy life. Vegans believe that plants are the most organic way to obtain energy and a healthy lifestyle. That’s why foods like meat, egg, dairy products, and cheese obtained from animals are eliminated from the diet plan. 

  • You can choose to go with a raw vegan diet that involves eating raw fruits, nuts, and seeds, all of which are cooked below the temperature of 118 degrees. 
  • It could also involve eating whole foods derived from plants such as legumes, fruits, whole grains, etc.
  • Another vegan diet involves eating low-fat, high-carb starchy foods appropriately cooked, such as potatoes, rice rather than eating fruits. You can also convert this meal into a 4. Pm vegan diet where you can eat all of these foods upto 4 pm in a day and then go into fasting zone. 

Alkaline Vegan Diet

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


You will find subcategories of these newest diet trends wherein a vegan diet plan involves eating foods that create an alkaline atmosphere inside the body instead of an Acidic atmosphere. Even when you are consuming fruits and vegetables, the acidic quality of this food can prove to be harmful to your overall health.

  • The alkaline vegan diet restricts the eating of whole grains like rice, wheat, etc.
  • You cannot eat foods like white flour and the foods such as cakes, white bread, etc.
  • Choose to eat gluten-free grains such as quinoa.
  • You need to avoid consuming foods like caffeine with sugar and heavy cream
  • You can choose to eat foods like avocados, oranges, lemons, blueberries, apples, mangoes, which are high in alkaline
  • Avoid fruits such as plums, and cranberries, and vegetables; avoid eating corns and olives. 

Many people have questioned whether diet coke is Vegan or not? The experts have mentioned that one can include diet coke in their vegan diet plan. Since it does not involve any dairy products or derivatives from animals, it is safe to drink them if you are vegan. Also, if you want to drink beverages, it is safer to go towards diet coke. Other than this, if you are looking to follow a low-fat vegan diet, you should consider eating foods like:

  • Beans and Legumes 
  • Spinach, kale, lettuce
  • Mushrooms and Sweet Potato
  • Whole grains like quinoa and oats offer to improve heart disease or prevent the occurrence of it. 

Even if all these foods are low-fat vegan diets, they sure provide enough protein to your body, making your weight loss journey much smoother.

Is a 30-Day Vegan Diet Weight Loss Plan Worth It?

People have reported that they could see significant results in their bodies once they continued their vegan diet for at least a month. In a few weeks of following the diet plan, women lost 2-3 pounds of weight. 

Moreover, experts have mentioned that it is not just the vegan diet single-handedly working towards a weight reduction. Still, vegan people adopt a much healthier lifestyle with organic choices of foods and enough physical activity.

Most vegans have a lifestyle that ultimately results in a lower body mass index. Hence weight loss is an eventual consequence of it. Choosing green leafy vegetables to blend and make smoothy or tofu instead of cheese makes it easier to reduce weight through a vegan diet in 30 days.

While following the usual vegan diet pros and cons, the only problem with the diet is the restricted method of obtaining food from plant-based sources. Animal food dramatically affects the nutritional value. Since all these diet trends in 2022 are about enough protein intake, vegans have a hard time obtaining it because they are not taking any supplements which probably have animal fat. 

So by rejecting animal-based food, you are restricting your dietary needs, which leads to several deficiencies. Doing all of this is worth it when you see the result in your body weight and feel wholesome with all the organic food intake. 

Low Carb Diets:

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


Whatever diet we discussed above are all low carb diets, including the keto diet trends and the other latest diet trends for a healthy and lean body. Every woman commits to reducing weight as soon as they enter the new year and low carb diets are an excellent choice wherein it helps reduce the fat and improve the good cholesterol levels in the body. 

The diet is similar to the newest diet trends, which ask you to restrict the carbs in your daily food intake. However, some may also include a high-carb, low-fat diet. But consuming enough carbs does not mean you choose sweeteners and synthetic, processed foods that have no minerals or vitamins in them. For a high carb low-fat diet, you can choose to eat:

  • Quinoa
  • Oats (You can also choose to eat oatmeal on a low carb diet)
  • Bananas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Beets 
  • Oranges etc.

If you choose to opt for a high-carb, low-fat diet, you will eat 70% carbs, and the other portion would comprise protein and fat. It is as effective as low-carb diets, where your sole aim is to break down the fat in the body. People who follow a low-carb diet are the keto or Atkin dieters, depending on whichever diet trend you choose to follow in 2022. 

Is a Low-Carb Diet During Pregnancy a Safer Option?

The answer to this is no. If you are pregnant, don’t think of skipping any essential nutrients for your baby and your body. You would require all the strength possible during your pregnancy, and that’s why it’s better to look for foods that fulfill your health needs. Also, the keto diet trend isn’t for pregnant women because they need sufficient amounts of carbs and proteins to be healthy and deliver a healthy baby.

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Low Carb Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Top Diets trends for womens in 2022


To reduce inflammation in your system, you can stick to eating low carb anti-inflammatory diet, which would include:

  • Upto 35% carbs in a single day which must consist of fiber
  • Use olive oil for cooking food which aids in weight loss as well as inflammation due to increased weight
  • Natural forms of peanut and almond butter. Since you are to eat more fat, choose the healthiest fat for your body
  • Eat fatty fish which are rich in omega-3 fat such as Salmon
  • Eat more and more leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, etc.
  • Choose to eat fruits like berries, cherries, plums, pomegranates, etc
  • If you want to eat dairy products, look for the ones with fewer carbs and are fermented. 

Disadvantages of a Low Carb Diet

People who initially start following a low carb diet face many issues like dizziness, headache, irritability, etc. But the aim of choosing any latest diet trend should be the long-term benefits it offers and whether there are any health problems associated with it. Researchers have found that a low-carb diet could have many disadvantages, too, such as:

  • Loss of muscle tissue
  • Osteoporosis risk in women
  • Heart ailments for some patients
  • Initial nutritional deficiencies
  • Issues of kidney stones etc.

The Summary

So, ladies, we have informed you of the possible diet trends in 2022 that can help you shed some pounds and drastically improve your health. But remember that whichever latest diet trends you choose to follow, have a thorough discussion with your dietician and understand your body. Your aim should not only be weight loss, but it should be improving your health simultaneously. Let’s enter into the new year with more health and spirit.

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