Top Workout Equipment That Is in High Demand This Year

Top Workout Equipment

Will you also agree that lockdown affected our health, directly and indirectly. With the coronavirus outbreak shutting down fitness studios and gyms everywhere this year, stocking up on some home-based top workout equipment will allow you to work out at home with ease and comfort. While some people may be able to safely work out outdoors, meaning they can follow social distancing rules and regulations, most of them live in locations where outdoor exercise is a no-go.

It is the main reason why some workout equipment is in high demand, selling out at exercise equipment stores everywhere. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot get your hands on some of these equipment pieces. Numerous fitness stores still stock them. It is just a matter of doing some research and finding the right one.

If you are an individual who wants to know about the top workout equipment that is in high demand this year, then you have come to the right place home gym equipment Melbourne. These pieces of exercise equipment will allow you to work out just like you would at any gym or fitness studio. Some of this workout equipment is listed as follows:

Vertical Climber Machine

Top Workout Equipment: Vertical Climber Machine


If you want to spice up your exercise routine, a perfect way would be to add a vertical climber to your gym equipment collection. You might have seen various vertical climber machine commercials, and if that does not convince you, maybe its advantages will. Vertical climbers are easy to use and can provide you with a killer workout in a tight space.

It works out your body from head to toe, and you can easily adjust it according to your height. Some vertical exercise machines climber also have an added benefit of a flexible mobile app, which shows you how to use it and allows you to track the calories burnt.

It will let you finish your workout with any assistance and keep track of all your workout progress. It is a matter of finding which one works best for you. So, visit your nearest exercise equipment store and give them a try. It is amongst the most in-demand pieces of exercise equipment on the market this year. 

Pull Up Bar

Top Workout Equipment: Pull Up Bar


To gain and maintain upper body strength, look no further than a pull-up or chin-up bar. Performing a pull-up works the muscles in your back, chest, arms, and shoulders. Also, you can isolate any muscle by adjusting the placement of your hands on the pull-up bar.

Installing a pull-up bar is easy. You only require a door that is at least 8 feet in height and 4 feet in width. Once you find your deserved area to place the bar, it is as easy as attaching it to the door with a few screws and nuts. A pull-up bar is a must-have for every exercise enthusiast out there.

Adjustable Dumbells

Top Workout Equipment: Adjustable Dumbells


If your fitness goals involve building muscle and body strength, then dumbells are a must-have for you. Durable and versatile, dumbells allow you to work out at home as the exercises that use dumbells require little to no space. A few exercise routines that you can perform with a pair of dumbells include chest presses, bicep curls, cleans, deadlifts, squats, and tricep kickbacks.

Also, don’t forget to buy adjustable dumbells as they will allow you to add or remove weights from them on the fly. You only have to buy adjustable dumbbell bars and a variety of circular plates. Just attach the desired circular plate to the dumbbell bars, and you will be up and running.

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Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Top Workout Equipment: Non-Slip Yoga Mat


There are several other ways to use a yoga mat other than to perform yoga. If you are into bodyweight and stretching exercises, then a yoga mat will allow you to work out on the floor more comfortably. Most yoga mats don’t cost a lot of money and get the job done.

However, don’t forget to buy one that can accommodate your height. If you get a short yoga mat, you will probably end up working out half of your body on the floor and half of it on the yoga mat, causing disbalance and joint pain. For example, if you are 6 feet tall, get a yoga mat at least 8 feet in length.

Speed Jump Rope

Top Workout Equipment: Speed Jump Rope


A jump rope is a versatile piece of exercise equipment that you can use to perform a challenging cardio workout. A jump rope’s bonus is that it takes up a small amount of space inside your gym bag, and you can take it anywhere you go. For individuals who hate to jog or cycle outdoors, a jump rope is a perfect replacement for at-home cardio workouts. Most jump ropes are affordable and can last for years if you don’t misuse them.

Final Words

Top Workout Equipment


While shopping for popular exercise equipment may seem like something easy to do. You should avoid buying the first thing you see. If you do such a thing, you might end up buying exercise equipment of low-quality and impedes your ability to perform your workouts instead of providing you with benefits effectively. The exercise equipment shared in this article might be high in demand, but it will not necessarily provide you with the advantages you want. However, keep them in mind on your next trip to the fitness store. 

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