Donald Trump Tests Positive After Hope Hicks (His Close Aide)

trump tested positive

On Friday (02-10-2020), America’s President Donald Trump tweeted about his and the first lady’s COVID tests being positive. Along with his tweet, there was a tweet from first lady Melania Trump, stating the same. 

The tweets stated:

trump tests positive


A few hours ago of this tweet, President has rolled out information about his close aide Hope Hicks of testing positive for COVID. He also declared, he and the first lady will start preparing for quarantine while waiting for their COVID tests result.

Hope Hicks is one of his closest confidants and they together were flying to Cleveland for the first presidential debate with Democrat Joe Biden.

Soon after Trump tests positive for COVID-19, his physician, Sean P. Conley sent out a statement, which says they both (president and first lady) are well at this moment are planning to stay in the White House during their convalescence. He also assured that the President will carry out his duties while recovering without any disruption. 

trump tests positive


As for now, President Donal Trump’s Florida campaign trip has been stopped by the White House. His new schedule has a midday phone call on “Covid-19 support to vulnerable seniors.”

#TrumpHasCovid has been trending on twitter after his declaration of testing positive COVID. This is hyping up for the one main reason that is, Donald Trump has neglected the seriousness of virus the beginning and had said this is all to distract and disturb the economy. 

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Even in a few interviews, he had given a negative response to the regulation of wearing masks. It is the talk of last week only when Trump addressed people and said to wear coronavirus masks if they are not maintaining proper social distance.

More than that, at the virtual Al Smith dinner, Trump stated, “The end of the pandemic is in sight.” Right after his COVID positive result, the stock market of US futures has tumbled by more than 400 points. There has been a certain negative impact on the stock market of the US.

COVID has taken the lives of more than 200,000 people in America and 1 million worldwide. From starting we have told only one thing, stay home and stay safe. Even if you are not vulnerable to the virus, you can be the carrier of it. For more updates on the COVID-19 situation, visit HealthClubFinder.

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