Types of Men body: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

Most men are highly conscious about how they appear in public and what body posture they have. Everyone sure does have an ideal body type, but unfortunately, natural things are bound to stay the same, and making an altercation in them might sometimes turn out to be too harsh. Hence, one needs to fathom more meticulously about the types of men body

A person’s appearance isn’t only through their facial features; their body type defines their personality and presence. Believe it or not, just like women, men too have specific body shape and type, which advocates for their posture, dressing style, and even their fitness regime. When men are trying to achieve particular body goals, they need to know enough about their body type. 

Now, here is the thing,  knowing your body type is not constricted to only being familiar about whether you are tall or short, muscular, or have a slim-thick body type, etc. It is to understand your exact build vividly and what exercises, food, and nutrition would work best towards your health.  Suppose men focus more on building their life and daily regimen surfacing their genetic body instead of developing an artificial physique. In that case, they will save themselves from the trouble of wasting every penny employed in steroids and other harmful drug types. 

Hence, it is essential to be acquainted with the types of body shapes men own so that their lifestyles become much more manageable and accessible to them. Instead of working out harder and causing fatigue, they would embrace their natural personality and enhance it. 

What are the Different Types of Men Body?

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In the 1940s, an American Psychologist, William Sheldon, came up with the classification to differentiate between types of men body. Since then, these types of body shapes men have has been termed Somatotypes. These somatotypes help men realize going towards which lifestyle would be a befitting option for them. 


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Ectomorph men are the ones who have a lean built body type. It means they are taller than the other two body types of men, but they own a pair of skinny legs and arms. Their chest and shoulders are narrow, impacting how their face looks (Which is narrow too). The lean body structure and narrow hips make them look incredibly skinny if they wear something tight. 

Mind Valley highlights that men with an ectomorph body type usually are Cerebrotonic, which means they are utterly shy and feel emotionally restrained due to their physicality. They would mostly avoid social situations and tend to keep amongst themselves due to the fear of being embarrassed because of how they look. Their skinny body denotes many other features, such as having a bone structure that is too docile and lanky. They are incapable of gaining weight very quickly due to a faster metabolism rate, which is why they are also termed “Hard-Gainers.” 

How can the Ectomorph Type Of Men Body Improve?

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Ectomorph type of men body might find it challenging to gain weight; however, nothing is unachievable if there are right expectations and realistic body goals set forth by men. Understanding the body isn’t the only endgame; it is equally essential to work on it for its betterment and obtain a balanced and healthy life. 

Here is how ectomorph body types men can do in improving their muscle strength and overall physique.

  • Since men with an ectomorph body type have a lean muscular build, they need to prioritize their muscles’ workout routine, such as squats, bench press, pull-ups, etc. They must work out for the areas they feel is too lean and require some shape, such as their legs, arms, or even calves. 
  • Remember, you are already lean, and you are working out to gain some weight, not lose some. Hence, cardio should be off the charts for at least the initial stages. If the morning running routine is a must for you, try to eat enough before you start to run (Obviously a few minutes or hours before).
  • Ectomorph men should always be consistent with their workout routine. If they decide to go on a long break from their workout, whatever results they gained would all be lost, and then it would be back to where you started. 
  • Try to eat at least six meals a day. Your metabolism is fast, so you need to compensate your muscles for the same. They need strength, and that’s why the intake of enough protein (At least 50% per meal) is utterly essential. Increase your calorie intake in everyday life. However, the calorie must be healthy, not junk. 


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Next on the list of types of men body is Mesomorph. They are the opposite of ectomorphs in their nature and also in their physique. Mesomorphs have a broad, muscular shoulder and a narrow waist, making their body frame appear rectangular. These men usually have a big head matching the size of their shoulders. Their bone structure is more defined and robust than ectomorph men with a height range usually between short and average.

They have a reasonably good metabolism, so it does not constrict them to gain weight and muscles quickly, unlike ectomorph men. Most Mesomorph men are likely to look more athletic in their shape due to their properly formed muscular structure. Sheldon rightly categorized men’s body types by reflecting their personality, temper, mood, interests, and behavior. Just like ectomorph men have a specific behavioral pattern, mesomorph men too are known as Somatotomic.

Somatotonic men are more aggressive and assertive, which also makes them the dominant partner in a relationship. They like to be adventurous and are extroverts most of the time. They are individuals with a competitive outlook towards life. 

What lifestyle would be Suitable for Mesomorph Men?

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Men find this body type excruciatingly ideal for workout purposes, and the 21st-century men are all willing to gain a mesomorph body type. Unfortunately, everything we are eager for is not always achievable. The types of men body make it easier for men to understand their physique and focus on improving it and look better. However, if anyone is expecting wonders, it is giving yourself false hope. 

Here are some better lifestyle practices for mesomorph men:

  • In the case of mesomorph men, there are disadvantages too, like quickly gaining weight. So they must diligently follow regular cardio and strength training every day. It is not essential to indulge in an aggressive workout, but just the optimal amount that keeps their calories in check. Cardio exercise for 60 minutes every day is just appropriate.
  • Mesomorph body types men must focus on the workout and training session that is centered around their muscles. Engaging their muscles more and more in strength training would keep up the pace of their metabolism, not allowing excess fat and calories to allocate inside. They must keep up with a specific routine as they have more chances of gaining fat with age. 
  • Try not to go overboard with your carbohydrates in the meal. Mesomorph types of men body do tend to take up protein and utilize it to gain weight, so meals must have only the required quantity of protein and carbohydrate. 


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Endomorph comes under the category of slim thick body types. They are shorter in height and have a solid bone frame and structure similar to Mesomorph. However, They own a pair of sturdy arms and legs (more substantial from the upper side). Overall they have round build and a waist that appears wider. This body type is often known as a pear-shaped physique in women. 

Due to prolonged metabolism, they are amongst the body type who have a relatively hard time losing weight compared to Mesomorph body types of men. Moreover, they have poorly defined muscles. Seldon finds this category of men quite the opposite from ectomorph types of men body, since they are viscerotonic, which means even-tempered, love to be social and adventurous like Mesomorph body type men. 

How can Endomorph Types of Men Body Improve?

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Since Endomorph men have a hard time losing weight once they gain it, they need to have a training regimen that is remarkably different from Ectomorph body type men and Mesomorph men. 

Everybody has specific features and certain disadvantages that make them different from each other. Following a particular workout routine is a vital element in everyday life to remain fit and healthy. Here are some exercise routines and healthy eating habits for Endomorph men.

  • Endomorph body types men must have a strength training schedule of at least four times a week.  A particular focus on compound exercises. That involve muscles is a must since they would find it difficult to lose weight otherwise.
  • Since the body’s fat allocation is more than the other two types of men’s body, it is a crucial requirement for them to indulge in cardiovascular exercises for at least 60-70 minutes with short breaks. It would not allow much fat to sit in, and the metabolism rate remains relatively fast. 
  • Try not to keep sitting at a place if you have a motionless and dormant job. Get up at times, roam around, go for a walk, or else all the strength and cardio training would not matter much. ,
  • Try to balance the intake of carbohydrate foods since they plan an active role. In inducing weight in endomorph body types men. Gain more and more fiber foods from fruits and vegetables post the workout session instead of hopping onto carbohydrates. 

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Bottom Line

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One essential thing to understand is that no one remains confined to a particular body type for several years. Unless they suffer from a disease. These types of men body would not define every single man in the world. The 21st century men come in all shapes and sizes, including ones with a stock body type. These three categories are just an observation and basic understanding of men’s personalities. Men need to have a specific body type quiz, making it easier for them to design body goals, and indulge in healthy life practices.

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