A Complete Guideline Of Ulcerative Colitis Diet Which You Need To Follow

Ulcerative Colitis Diet

Being unhealthy is not uncommon and people suffer a lot from health complications, ulcerative colitis is one of such complication which may even cause ulcer in the inner lining of large intestine. It is an autoimmune disorder and because of this disorder the body starts harming itself and the immunity becomes the worst problem of the body. This disorder causes inflammation in the body and is a kind of inflammatory bowel disorder. Food habit is the main reason of such complication and good as well as suitable food needs to be included in the diet in order to cure such complications. You need to be selective while choosing the food if you are suffering from ulcerative colitis so while going with ulcerative colitis diet you need to avoid as well as include some food items such as:

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Type of food you need to have in your diet while you are in ulcerative colitis diet:

A High Calorie Diet:

ulcerative colitis diet

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This situation makes a person very thin and you would be losing weight without even trying though losing weight is liked by few people and many people are trying to lose weight but when weight lose is taking place without doing anything then it is a matter of concern and this complication would promote weight lose in such a way that you would fall too sick. Here you need to have high calorie food so that your weight could be balanced. This doesn’t mean that you would be having bad fat or fat rich food that doesn’t suit in this situation. Here you can have that is rich in omega 3 fatty acid such as salmon, walnut, flaxseeds. Make sure to test whether you are able to have nuts during this time or not or if you cannot tolerate it then do not include it in your diet.

Lactose Free Diet:

ulcerative colitis diet

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Milk or milk product can cause inflammation and you may not be able to digest it completely which may result in diarrhea and your situation can become worse than ever. It is always suggested to exclude such food which have milk in it so that you could face fewer problems. You can have protein shakes to fulfill the place of milk or at times you can have coconut milk or almond milk and even soya milk as a milk replacement. These are completely plant based and are pact with nutrition and have many health benefits as well. Before you buy anything from market make sure to check the ingredient list and never pick things which have a portion of dairy. Moreover some people become lactose intolerant during this time so having milk can make the situation worse.

Low Fiber Diet:

ulcerative colitis diet

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You diet should be low in fiber even though fiber rich food is considered really beneficial for our health but as fiber cannot be digested by all and moreover fiber promotes faster digestion which would promote the tendency of diarrhea which no one wants. Here you just need to be selective while choosing vegetables as well as fruits as they contain the highest amount of fiber also you need to avoid some nuts because of the fact that nuts provide with gibers and they cannot be easily digested and can even cause irritation. Having low fiber food would make sure that you do not have to spend a lot of time having bowel movements and you would be saved from abdominal cramps as well.

Make sure to have too much of salt as it can retain too much of water which is not counted acceptable during this situation and always try to not have high sodium salt as it is said to be harmful in case you are suffering from this particular situation. This situation make many people gluten sensitive so you should consider cutting down gluten from your diet.

Foods To Avoid In Ulcerative Colitis Diet:

ulcerative colitis diet

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Alcohol should not be in your diet not even once in a while as alcohol can irritate your intestine and can increase your diarrhea. The effect of alcohol differs from person to person as alcohol can be tolerated by some people and some may not be good at tolerating alcohol.

Diarrhea is irritating for sure and if you would have caffeine then you may have to spend more of your time at the washroom dealing with diarrhea. Caffeine is mainly found in tea, coffee, energy drinks and even in chocolates so make sure to say a big no if any time you are offered such foods.

These were few guidelines that you need to maintain while you chose your ulcerative colitis diet for yourself.