U.S. Eclipses 140,000+ Confirmed Coronavirus Cases, Trump Announces $174 Million Aid Package

usa coronavirus cases

With more than 142,735 confirmed coronavirus cases, the USA coronavirus cases are now with the highest number of infected people in the world. Around 16,000 new cases reporting in a single day. Now America surpasses China and Italy in the positive coronavirus cases.

Globally there are 735,839 cases, and the death toll increases up to 34,851 (According to worldometer as of 30 March). The numbers are proliferating every hour. In Italy 10,023 and in China, 3,295 people have died due to this pandemic. In America, the coronavirus deaths toll rises up to 1,700. And there is no doubt that the number of confirmed cases, as well as the deaths due to COVID-19, are likely to increase considerably in the coming days.

usa coronavirus cases

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Total cases (in the US): 142,735*
Recovered: 4,559
Deaths: 2,488

* Numbers may vary due to the addition of the new cases.

On Friday, At least 2,488 Americans have died from COVID-19. This disease is highly dangerous to the elderly and people with underlying chronic health conditions. Below is the list of some of the states which have the highest number of USA coronavirus cases (Numbers are taken from worldometers)

USA States Total Cases Total Deaths
1. New York 59,648 965
2. New Jersey 13,386 161
3. California 6,512 133
4. Florida 4,950 60
5. Washington 4,896 200
6. Louisiana 3,540 151

usa coronavirus cases

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Donald Trump Announces $174 million COVID-19 Spending Package

On Friday, Donald Trump announced USD 174 million financial assistance to 64 countries to help them to fight Coronavirus!! It is for countries that are at most risk of facing this pandemic threat. It is providing USD 5 million to Afghanistan, USD 3.4 million to Bangladesh, USD 2.9 million to India, USD 1.8 million to Nepal, and USD 1.3 million to Sri Lanka to help them fight the epidemic. 

Donald Trump, the US President accused the spike in the positive cases of coronavirus in the US of the large-scale testing of the life-threatening disease. He said, “I think it’s a tribute to our testing, and no one knows what the numbers are in China.”

Also, Dr. Deborah Brix, coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said, “At the same time, 19 of the 50 states that had early cases, but have a persistently low level of cases and at this point have less than 200 cases.”

After the new confirmed numbers came, President Trump signed a sweeping $2 trillion coronavirus spending package into law. He also voiced his frustration towards governors who are not cooperating with him. He just wants governors to be “Cooperative & Appreciative” of what the White House is doing right now to help people. “I don’t want them to say things that aren’t true,” he said. “I want them to be appreciative.”

New Centre

This week, New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States. Other than increasing number of infections are seen in Louisiana, where the demand for ventilators is already double. Another cause of this massive outbreak is the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, which is the biggest city in the state.

Warner Thomas, chief executive of Ochsner Health System, informing that “About 80% of Louisiana’s intensive care patients are now on breathing machines, up from the normal rate of 30-40%.”

Shortage in the protective masks, gowns, eyewear, and gloves for doctors and health workers is becoming a new problem for the country. Many people are recycling the old masks, some make their own, and even some are using trash bags to shield themselves. 

usa coronavirus cases

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How Did it Start in America?

This first case of coronavirus in the US was reported on January 21, when a man in the early ’30s confirming sick in Snohomish County, north of Seattle, Washington. He went to Wuhan city but did not exhibit any symptoms while traveling. He is now out from the COVID-19. 

3 days later, after this, a woman in her late 60s became the second reported case in the States. She also traveled to Wuhan city, China in December 2019 to meet her father and returned on January 13. Initially, doctors thought that this is common pneumonia, but later on, was positive for COVID 19. 

Allison Arwady, the commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, said on Friday, “ I want to start by stating clearly: This is a single travel-associated case, not a local emergency” she also added, “I can reassure you that even with this Chicago case the health risk to the general public from novel coronavirus remains low at this time.”

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Trump Announces the First Human Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine

On March 16, Trump also announced the phase one human trial of the coronavirus vaccine in the United States. He told reporters at a White House news conference, “I’m pleased to report today that a vaccine candidate has begun the phase one clinical trial. This is one of the fastest vaccine development launches in history. Not even close. We’re also racing to develop antiviral therapies and other treatments.”

The vaccine is known as mRNA-1273 by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) scientists and their collaborators at the biotechnology company Moderna, Inc. Phase one will involve human testing of the vaccine at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI).

Symptoms: usa coronavirus cases

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Not only in the United States, but the coronavirus is affecting thousands of people every day all across the globe. Many countries, including the UK, China, India, New Zealand, and Poland, declare the most restrictive mass quarantine. As still, there is no cure & approved vaccine for this epidemic. So it is good to stay indoors and avoid any kind of interaction with people. And if you feel symptoms like Fever, Cough, and Shortness of breath immediately inform the public health officials.

usa coronavirus cases

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