Launch Your Beauty Institute with the Bella Vacuum Therapy Machine

Vacuum therapy has been around for quite some time now, having its origins date back to procedures performed by Ancient Asian civilizations with more rustic materials involving glass cups and the help of a small flame to create a vacuum effect that sucks up the skin. Now it is widely used all around the world providing women with excellent non-surgical results that have incredible health benefits than just the selected body area to receive the treatment in. A vacuum therapy machine is a great addition to any beauty salon and for those who want to start out their own business in the beauty field.

The Bella Vacuum machine is small and perfect to place in any desired space, which is excellent if you have a small salon or are just starting out; plus, the machine can be used to perform different treatments that can be done on a customer base. The money invested in the device can be gained fast and easily once you start promoting your new services, so it is a highly advisable acquisition to have in your salon.

If you want to know more about this innovative and highly-beneficial machine, below you can find useful and verified information about the different treatments, scientific reasons on why they work, and more to give you a full picture of why this machine is a great investment for your existing or up-and-coming beauty business.

Vacuum Therapy Machine Treatments

Vacuum Therapy Machine


The vacuum therapy machine can be used for several different treatments with incredible results on the body without any surgical procedure. Vacuum therapy helps tighten the skin and reduce cellulite, as well as speeding the fat-burning process, unlike other popular treatments such as Brazilian butt lift that does require the help of a doctor and a scalp.

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment so it is extremely safe, there’s no risk of anything. Here are three of the treatments that can be performed with the device and the amazing benefits that come with each.

Buttock Lift Treatment

The buttock lift treatment, known worldwide as a Colombian massage as well, was invented to firm the buttock muscles and enhance the appearance of glutes while speeding the body’s natural process of fat elimination and significantly reducing cellulite in both your glutes and thighs, due as well to the previous and posterior techniques, such as special massages with firming gels and selected oils specially created for vacuum therapy, performed by the professional responsible for the procedure to help improve the general aspect of your body thus the treatment does not only impact your glutes only but other parts of the figure as well.

Many studies have agreed that the most common cause for cellulite is reduced local blood flow, among other factors, which can be improved by vacuum therapy sessions. A vacuum therapy machine works with suction cups that stimulate the blood flow by sucking on the skin and flesh, to improve your gluteal contour.

Facelift Treatment

A vacuum therapy machine can also be used to perform facelift treatments, in which the cups connected to the machine are in constant moving, thus preventing bruising and pain, and providing a rejuvenated face without having to spend loads of money on a surgical procedure. The facelift treatment eliminates wrinkles and significantly reduces dark circles as well as firming the skin.

Because the procedure is made on a very delicate part of your body, a professional with quality training should carry out the treatment with all the precautions and quality face oils that don’t irritate nor stain the skin to allow the cups to move smoothly. 

Slimming Treatment 

By far another excellent treatment vacuum machines can be used for is belly fat and hip dips slimming treatments for weight loss and skin firming. The vacuum therapy will help reduce cellulite as well, and provide you with an overall slimmer and enhance the silhouette. 

It is a great option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on gym memberships or those who don’t have the time or consistency to attend fitness classes daily. As with the other two treatments mentioned above, this one should be performed by a certified professional that will apply other techniques using firming gels and massage oils to smoothen the area and promote long-lasting results.

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Why Invest in a Vacuum Therapy Machine?

Vacuum Therapy Machine


A vacuum therapy machine can boost your income in no time, thus it can attract many customers that want different procedures that you can perform with just one machine only, instead of having to spend a lot of money on several machines. Furthermore, if you’re just starting out in the business field and want to do things on your own for now, a vacuum therapy machine can be used on a customer basis, so you can manage your time, clients and deliver excellent results without any trouble.

The money you invest in the device can easily be gained back in no time, this is not a long-term investment revenue that can compromise the functioning of your salon. The machine comes with all the cups and special gadgets necessary to perform the procedures smoothly and give clients the expected results, and it is recommended to purchase the special oils, anti-cellulite massage gels, and enhancement creams for top-quality outcomes.

It is extremely important to buy a certified device to ensure safety for your clients and prevent unwanted results that many poor-quality machines deliver. The Bella Vacuum machine has European standard certificates that validate its safety.

What’s more, when purchasing the machine you get a complete online training program to start your beauty salon in no time and without needing to invest a huge amount of money, which is great for affordable starters. The possibilities are endless with this innovative machine and can help you boost your income significantly, as well as allow you to start your own business in the beauty industry in a short time.

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