Worst Viruses Spread In Your Body At The Moment

viruses going around at the moment

Viral infection are very common during these days and almost everyone is said to be a sufferer of this viral infection and there some viruses that do not affect the body a lot but there are many such viruses that are common and can even prove to be deadly for human body.

Every virus causes different or specific complications in the body which makes it easy to identify the virus attack and you can get treatments as well. So here are few of the most dangerous viruses going around at the moment that you need to check out:

Marburg Virus:

viruses going around at the moment

Source: reference.com

This virus is been named after a small city but there is nothing to do with the disease as well as the virus itself. The virus mainly causes an extremely dangerous fever which is also known by the name of Marburg diseases. This virus is so dangerous that it does not only affect the human body but also different animals and it spreads through the contaminated food or dirt as well as garbage so you should always keep your surroundings clean if wish to avoid this virus. Once the virus would get into your boy then the effect can last up to 2 to 22 days.

Ebola Virus:

viruses going around at the moment

Source: hrw.org

This is one of the most dangerous viruses ever and this can cause organ failure as well and the worst part is that the virus spreads like crazy from one person to another and within few days it can target the whole area. Bleeding is also common in this complication and the can be so much which can result into death.

This virus spreads mostly when you touch one dead person who is already been infected by the Ebola virus. This virus first appeared in West Africa and it is said that consuming dirty water was the cause so in order to avoid this virus you should never be near to any infected person and you should not even have dirty unclean water or food.

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viruses going around at the moment

Source: grancorenviro.com

This virus is commonly known as orthohantavirus and this virus mainly targets rodent and actually grows in human although human also suffer from this virus and often human get infected by this virus through the rodent.

This happens if people consume uncovered food and if they have rodent around then there is a probability that rodent might have left saliva on the food which becomes the main cause for the human to suffer from this complication. Fever, headache, vomiting, as well as dry cough, are some of the main symptoms of this viral infection. The best way to kill the virus is by getting in to the sunlight as it helps a lot otherwise taking medical help is always a good idea.

Lassa Virus:

viruses going around at the moment

Source: darpanpratidin.com

This virus comes with fever and can infect both animals as well as humans and this is one of the most common kind of virus than can make anyone sufferer and it mainly spreads through contaminated rotten food or uncovered infectious food. This can ever spread through the contact with the infected person which can happen if you come across the blood, urine, etc of the infected person.

This viral fever can last up to 6 to 15 days and during the fever you would feel week and would also be able to face pain throughout the body and headaches are the most common in this time. Though this virus is not that dangerous but it can make you extremely week which you need to look after.

Junin Virus:

viruses going around at the moment

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

This virus got its name from the city Junin and the reason behind naming the virus after this city was that the infection causes of this virus was first. This virus is said to be deadly and can even cause death in few days in proper treatments are not taken at right time. Yellow fever and the fall of scale are common in this virus infection so if you feel any of the symptoms then immediately rush to the nearby hospital.

Crimea Congo Fever Virus:

viruses going around at the moment

Source: ssl.com

This viral fever first strike Africa, Asia as well as in European states and this virus often gets spread by infected animals and the saliva of the infected animal or any carrier fly seems to be most dangerous so you should always make sure to keep yourself protected from flies and also make sure not to be close to any such ill animal as well and even if you do then make sure clean yourself immediately.

Flu Virus:

viruses going around at the moment

Source: mykantipur.com

Flu viruses are those viruses going around at the moment and winter season is the season when the infection spreads the most among people although this virus is curable but if you would ignore symptoms then it can also turn out to be deadly and this virus would make your body pain worse than ever and you would also suffer from high fever with 101+ body temperature. Antibiotic work the best in this time and also you need to keep your body hydrated at this time.

These were few of the dangerous viruses going around at the moment that you need to check and also you should keep yourself prevented from such dangerous viruses and you can get much more information at healthclubfinder.