What Can Be the Various Home Remedies That Can Make Teeth Cleaning Well- Functional?

Teeth Cleaning

All loves a pure white smile with sparkling teeth. But one must keep it in mind that teeth are not merely for showing smile in profile. Like every organs, teeth also play a major functional role in one’s body. Needless to say, that it helps man in his most fundamental job that is eating by breaking the food morsels and makes it digestible.

  • Although there are various homemade methods for  healthy teeth , it is imperative that before the matter becomes worse, people need to visit the dentist to get their teeth cleaned professionally. This should be done after every six months.
  • Dental problem can be a pain for a lifetime and it may turn fatal in the long run. It should be a duty of a person to take proper care of his teeth in regular manner.
  • The medical practitioners, researchers have pointed out that showing negligence towards cleaning of teeth or irregular teeth cleaning usually causes most of the dental problems in a person’s life.
Cleaning Of Teeth Should Be a Regular Affair:

Teeth Cleaning


Before one discusses the extent of the problem or its remedies one must know what could be the various kind dental issues, which occurs, most commonly in daily life. Dental problem can range from irritating bad breath to detrimental oral cancer, chances of Plaque, Caries, Gum sore, Tooth sensitivity and bacterial or fungal infection is quite common.

The researchers further have added these kinds of problems usually props up due to wrong food habit, change in climatic condition moreover due to lack of desire in teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleaning should be done from an early age, it should be taught to little children:

Teeth Cleaning


It has been seen that people fall prey of tooth decay and dental problem frequently in very tender age because they do not clean their teeth and gum consciously.  It neither entails any medical equipment nor requires any help of a medical personnel. One easily executes his teeth cleaning by applying certain home remedies.

It is necessary to take care of the enamels and the gums regularly, as they are prone to get affected readily and the infections may spread to the other parts from it. Some people go for homemade remedies like using baking soda, lemon pulp or juice and even table salt to get rid of their yellowish stained teeth. Strawberry pulp and baking soda can also be used for cleaning teeth to a large extent.  

These remedies can be as follows-

  • The most common and easy way of teeth cleaning is brushing. Everyone brushes regularly in the morning. But they complains about bad breath, yellow enamel and even oral cavities, it is necessary to know mere brushing cannot remove the dirt or the food particles that are attached inherently in the teeth one must use a round, polished brush with tiny bristles, one must hold it in a forty five degree angle and apply it vertically and horizontally.
  • It is very essential to use good toothpaste, floss and mouth wash to make the dental disease away and keep the mouth refreshing.

Salt and lemon are the two very basic and essential ingredients that helps one enables teeth cleaning very smooth. Salt water instantly increases the pH value and kills the bacteria, salt also contain certain minerals that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Apart from it baking soda, strawberry and orange peels, Neem etc. are quite effective as home remedies.

Apart from this eating less carbohydrate, chocolates and sweets will create less hazards in matters of teeth cleaning. Many people also have the habit of drinking tea, coffee or cola regularly, and that also has an adverse effect on their teeth. This should also be avoided.