What Causes Bad Breath? Know The Reasons For Stinky Smell

bad breath

The unpleasant smell that comes from mouth even after brushing is called bad breath. Is my make you feel embarrassed at times and people may maintain a safe distance from you due to that awkward smell coming while you talk. There are many reasons for bad breath and this issue is not at all ignorable. At times bad breath might be a signal that you are suffering from some serious health problem that needs to be treated immediately. There are different types of bad smell from the mouth which indicates different illness or any internal disorder as well. Here are a few reasons that cause bad breath:

Weak oral hygiene:

bad breath

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Poor oral health such as irregular brushing or not flossing might result into teeth cavities and that decayed tooth may produce an unpleasant smell which no one wants. Problems like gum diseases, swollen gum etc can also cause you bad breath. In this case you should visit a dentist to fix your problem and if your problem will disappear then your bad breath will also go away.


bad breath

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Some food contains strong flavors which are definitely not the one you won’t mind smelling. Ingredients like garlic, onion etc are some food that might leave you embarrassed if you haven’t taken a mint after eating them so make sure you carry a packet of mint or chewing gum with you if you are planning to have some garlic bread in dinner.

Medicine reaction:

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Sometimes it happens that the medicine you consume to cure any of your diseases produces such an awful smell which may put you in shame in front of people. Nothing much can be done in this matter as skipping any of your medicines is definitely not a good idea. So in this case you can wash your mouth often or keep a mouth freshener handy or you can even have some mints to avoid this smell.


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Acid reflux might produce stomach acid which might as well as decayed food which promotes bacterial growth in the mouth that might just end up in causing bad breath smell. Having lots of water helps in reducing acidity and once the acidity is gone then you might even get some relief from bad breath other than this brushing twice daily and washing your mouth often might also help you a lot.


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Smoking cigarettes may also cause you bad breath along with many other health related issues. Nicotine when smoked creates a gas which forms a bad smell in mouth so it is a reason why you should leave smoking immediately.

Here are some methods following which you can avoid bad breath:

Avoid toxic food:

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Toxic food might not be easy to digest hence that can end up producing bad smell which may come from your mouth. In this case, you should avoid having those foods as well as foods which contains garlic, onion etc.

Keep refreshments handy:

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If your mouth often stinks badly then you should always carry a pack of mints along with you or maybe a pack of chewing gum would work. Mouth fresheners, as well as floss, are also useful in this matter. You should also drink a lot of water as water takes away bad breath and keeps your mouth hydrated for a long period of time.

No one likes bad breath especially the one who is talking to you so avoiding bad breath is better than getting into an embarrassing situation.