What Is Frontal Hair Loss and How To Treat It

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This is a form of baldness or receding frontal hairline; this is undeniably the most popular type of baldness or pattern hair loss. This is peculiar to the male species especially those above their age thirty. The loss of frontal hair is also referred to as frontal balding, widow’s peak or frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA). This condition of front-line hair loss alters the look of the affected individual negatively and may result in shyness and loss of confidence. This condition presents as the first step to baldness and thinning of hair.

Frontal hair loss portrays the receding of hairline from the scalp which then edges to the forehead. Hormonal irregularity and change are associated with the etiology of this condition, problems of the immune system can also result in frontal hair loss.

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This deformation, however, is responsive to treatment and the rate at which the hair is being lost can be reduced with proper medical attention and peculiar clinical therapy. Living a lifestyle that is healthy and feeding properly is also useful in the treatment of frontal hair loss.

Loosing of hair generally is as a result of varying factor like, stress to the body, mental stress, leaving an unhealthy life, bad care is given to the hair, alteration in the balance of hormones, infection to the scalp, sickness, and some medical treatments can all be a factor for losing hair, some herbs can slow down the process or even help this condition, hair care is important and can be performed in many ways .

The male pattern baldness is well associated with problems of the hormone and it can also be a genetic problem. The hormone called dihydrotestosterone is known for the development of manly features in male and it is also responsible for baldness in men. The management and regulation of this hormone are one of the effective ways of getting rid of frontal hair loss.

How Frontal Hair Loss Can Be Treated

The treatment of frontal hair loss varies as there are a lot of factors associated with the activation of this condition. Medical advice is given to an affected individual to get a very healthy lifestyle and also stay away from undue stress.

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The boosting of the immune system is also much needed in the treatment of this condition, as the process will shut down series of illness that can practically lead to loss of frontal hair.

Mechanical problems such as too much styling of hair, hot treatment, applications of chemicals and skin-tight hairstyling should all be avoided as they majorly allow for falling of the frontal hair. Persons who are victims of dandruff and series other infection to the scalp are also at risk of losing their frontal hair so this should be treated in accordance because these infections would deprive the hair of proper nourishment. Treatments such as antidandruff and hair treating shampoos should be employed.  

Proper care should be adopted in the regulation of hormonal problems.

Sometimes scalp surgery may be required to stop the process of hair loss and this may include, fue hair transplant, follicular unit extraction treatment, recalibration of the hair growth and scalp flab are great for the frontal hair loss treatment.

The use of medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride helps to increase hair growth and allows the hair to grow to its full length.