Everything You Should Know About White Matter Disease

White Matter Disease

The brain is the processing unit of the human system. The human brain’s largest part is called cerebrum and cerebral is divided into two parts. The cerebral cortex contains two kinds of tissue: White matter and grey matter. Grey tissue contains cell bodies, dendrites and axon terminals of neurons and grey tissue is in pinkish-grey color. While the white matter connects different parts of grey matter. But is your brain white matter disease-free?

Basically, it works to connect important parts of the brain to each other and it won’t be wrong if we call it a bridge. The cerebrum part contains 40% of grey matter and 60% is white matter. White matter appears pinkish-whitish and contains nerve fibers. Due to Myelin, it appears white and myelin also protects the fibers of white matter. The main function of this matter is to deliver a message from nerve cells to another one through the electrical nerve signals. 

In layman language, it keeps the brain functioning properly by allowing think fast, walk straight and saving us from falling. The problem will start occurring in the body if it gets diseased. It generally gets disease due to its aging. 

White Matter Disease

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White matter disease life expectancy is difficult to say as it depends on how progressive it is and how early or late it is detected. But before losing any hope, read further to know its signs and symptoms and how patients can be saved from it. 

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What are the Syndromes?

White matter disease generally comes with age but other factors indicate the sign of this illness. 

  1. Imbalance issues
  2. Frequent falls
  3. Talking while walking or vice versa becomes difficult
  4. Fall in the walking speed
  5. Frequent mood swings
  6. Depression
  7. Dementia
  8. Trouble in remembering and learning things
  9. Sometimes covert under strokes
What Are Its Causes?

According to many studies, silent strokes may be one of the reasons behind white matter diseases. Study also indicates that many other diseases and injuries can cause loss of white tissues. Other causes are listed in the following list:

  1. Smoking
  2. Stroke History
  3. Diabetes
  4. A long history of high blood pressure
  5. High Cholesterol
  6. Blood vessel inflammation
  7. Parkinson’s disease
  8. Genetics also play an influential role

White Matter Disease

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Is the Disease Treatable?

As a matter of fact, white matter disease does not have any cure but the pain and loss can be recovered up to certain levels. But if detected early then damages can be recovered but if age is the only factor then much recovery is not possible.

Keep an eye on blood sugar and blood pressure and ask your doctor to prescribe medicine and diet to control these two important factors. 30 minutes of exercise, low salt, and low-fat diet can much improve the things. Do everything to keep your heart healthy and cholesterol under check. And the most important of all quit Smoking. 

How to Spot It?

One of the basic tests for diagnosing the white matter disease is through Advanced MRI. If your doctor will find any alien matter with the brain then you need to do more tests to find out the cause and root of the matter. MRI will show a clear picture of your brain with the damaged area. If the doctor finds spots brighter than normal then you need to further test to check your cardiovascular health. Most important you find any discussed signs and symptoms in yourself or near ones then rush to the neurologist today and get yourself medical tested. 

White Matter Disease

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Let’s Fight It Together

Hope is the thing that gives us the energy to fight white matter disease and other microvascular brain diseases, so never give up on hope in life. Do you find the writeup useful? Here is some Healthiest Type Of Bread for your better health. For all your health-related problems and solutions, keep coming to Healthclubfinder.