WHO Says Omicron BA.2 Sub-Variant is Rising Globally

The World Health Organization has recently come up with its speculation about the rise of a more transmissible copy of Omicron across the world. This sub-variant of Coronavirus has been named Omicron BA.2. It is not clear whether this strain will reinfect people who have survived the previous version of the omicron strain. 

On Tuesday, the COVID-19 technical lead of WHO, Maria Van Kerkhove, said that they are currently tracking four different omicron strains. Out of these, the BA.2 sub-variant will be much more contagious when compared to the BA.1 version, which is dominating now. 

On a Q & A session live-streamed on the social media platforms of WHO this Tuesday, Van Kerkhove said, “BA.2 is more transmissible than BA.1, so we expect to see BA.2 increasing in detection around the world”. 

Thus, common people can’t be confident that they are out of the danger zone of Coronavirus that has been prevalent for 2 years now.

Moreover, the WHO recently said that they continuously monitor the BA.2 strain. Their objective is to find out if the Omicron BA.2 strain can cause an increasing number of infections in countries worldwide that saw a quick rise and then a sharp decline in omicron cases recently. 

WHO Says Omicron BA.2 Sub-Variant of COVID

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Kerkhove further added that they had not seen any difference in the severity of symptoms caused by Omicron BA.2 compared to the other sub-variants that have impacted the world in the recent past. However, she mentioned that the research is still ongoing, and chances are, new developments or features of the Omicron BA.2 strain might be discovered soon.

However, as a whole, the omicron strain doesn’t impact people as severely as the alpha and delta variants. But it spreads faster than other versions. 

On the other hand, some researchers in Denmark have also researched the Omicron BA.2 strain. They found this strain can transmit 1.5 times more than the Omicron BA.1 strain. The Omicron BA.2 strain can also infect such people who are vaccinated and have even got the booster dose. However, according to Danish researchers, fully vaccinated people are less likely to spread the Omicron BA.2 strain than those not vaccinated.  

WHO Says Omicron BA.2 Sub-Variant of COVID

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What’s more, the COVID incident manager of WHO, Dr. Abdi Mahamud, said it is still unclear what the probability is for such people getting infected with Omicron BA.2 strain which had BA.1. 

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Coming to the scenario in the US, the Omicron BA.2 strain has been noticed to be spreading slowly now. But experts of the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention believe that it is just a matter of time. The sub-variant can take over anytime and become dominant, creating a panicked situation all over the country. 

According to Dr. Monica Gandhi, who is a specialist in infectious diseases and the professor of medicine at the University of California, “Anytime a variant is more transmissible, even if it’s a little more transmissible, it seems to have taken on that dominance. Delta was much more transmissible than Alpha. It took over. Then Omicron was four times more transmissible than Delta. It took over. If the BA.2 is more transmissible than BA.1, it’ll take over.”

So, we can clearly say that the COVID-19 clasp has not liberated us still now. We need to be cautious and remain alert. 

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Stay safe, stay healthy!  

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