4 Weeks Beginners’ Workout Routine for Men

Staying home means gaining weight, being lazy, and enjoying favorite food and shows. People find it hard to fathom how they used to live a functional life just a few months ago, and now they only eat and sleep for days without a break. With such a disturbing routine, it is now high time for everyone to start thinking about their workout regime.

Making it a constant habit might sound like the only answer, but we all agree that most people lose motivation very easily, and especially if you are living all alone at home without anyone, getting depressed and leaving the daily workout routine is quite common.

Most people don’t understand that a workout routine can make things better only if we have good enough motivation, and if you feel depressed, this might be because of the worst sleeping patterns that give us less sunlight and more time to think in the dark. To cut it all short, you can start with a one-month workout plan and see the progress. This will motivate you to continue the workout, and you will aim for better and then adjust your workout routine accordingly.

For the beginners, we have trimmed the workout schedule into three main parts, and we have kept it simple without any use of equipment. Even if you don’t want to get any equipment, you can get into the workout clothes, and you are ready to jump into the exercise plan. For the food, we know it is quite hard to stop yourself, especially when you have a fridge just a few steps away, and there is no one stopping you from eating everything that you want. However, with the help of our easy diet plan, you will be able to eat anything you want at any time without compromising on quantity.


Workout Routine for Men

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This is the most crucial part of the workout because this decides how many calories you need to burn. If you eat a lot, this means your calorie intake is too much, and to burn it all up, you need more workouts. You can divide the meal portion into smaller chunks, so you are eating whenever you want and still not gaining so much weight.

If you are a beginner, we will suggest you divide your three meals into 6, or if you don’t want to divide them into 6, you can also limit it to 5. It is your decision; however, we would prefer six because we all know staying at home means a good amount of midnight snack just before bed. Most of us get carried away when we divide food portions; this might seem like a challenge in itself because we love to eat, and this doesn’t mean we like to eat just one serving; instead, we keep eating till we feel full. Try to drink two glasses of water almost half an hour before starting your meal, and you will think that you will be able to eat just the right amount, and your digestion will be far better.

Exercises Schedule

Workout Routine for Men

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For the exercise schedule, we want you to divide up your week into four different exercises so you don’t feel burdened and your body has enough time to rest. Start with four workout sessions; let’s say you start with Monday as an abs day. Start with a simple five minutes workout session strictly for warm-up purposes, then dive into the hardcore abs’ workout.

Since we are keeping it all simple and easy without the use of any equipment, we are keeping it to a 5-minute plank with two intervals and then 5 minutes of bicycle crunches and finally 5 Russian twists. Although you can also add other variations of crunches if you like, however, we recommend that you skip the simple crunches because they are not as effective as you think. By the end of the workout, rely on meditation or yoga because this will help you calm down your sore muscles and help you prepare to end the workout session.

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Detox Sessions

Workout Routine for Men

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We all know how boring basic salad and green smoothie can be, and we are not recommending you to intense detoxification at all. Instead, we want you to keep yourself hydrated no matter what you do.

Most people skip out on the detoxification part, and they usually feel that detox means you need to eat as many greens as you want; however, your kidneys and liver detox your body at all times. You don’t have to do anything to further intensify the process. To make it easier, we recommend you stay hydrated and maintain a good liquid consistency.

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