World Mental Health Day-Mental Health Is Not a Taboo But a Serious Matter

World Mental Health Day

Just like physical health, mental is also an important part to be taken care of. In fact, wellness of mind is more important than the physical body. But before that, let’s understand what we meant by mental health. Mental Health is well being of the emotional, social and psychological state of mind. It refers to how we feel, think and react to a life’s situation. The mental health influence our decision, physical act and the way we lived. It is not a taboo as anyone of any age can be drawn towards mental illness. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, let’s talk freely about this.

Why Is This Day Celebrated?

World Mental Health Day


People find it very difficult to talk about mental illness; this illness got many stigmas from the people we live with and the society we lived in. To break the ice, World Federation for Mental Health celebrates 10th October every year as World Mental Health Day since 1992. The day provides a chance to talk about mental health freely through television debates, social media and everywhere else. The mental illness can affect anyone irrespective of caste, creed, color, status, gender or age. So, it’s absolutely fine to talk about it.

Some of the common mental illness includes anxiety, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, and trauma-related disorders. 

Early signs of Mental illness:
  • Having a Hopeless and helpless feeling
  • Sudden mood swings
  • All-time low energy
  • Fighting and shouting with near and dear ones
  • Development of bad habits like drugs, smoke
  • Disturbed mind 
  • Frequent thoughts of causing harm to others or oneself
  • Excess high or low sleep and eating habit
  • Unsaid anxieties
  • Find it difficult to think straight
  • Not able to perform the regular tasks
  • Feel difficult to handle life
  • Facing unexplained fears
2019 Theme

World Mental Health Day


Every year the World Federation for Mental Health comes up with the focused theme. This year the theme is “Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention”. If you believe the figure, every 40 seconds a suicide is committed. Generally, the age group of suicide committer is between 15-29 years. It clearly states that our youths are dying. In the busy world, where everyone is running after a faster life, people find it difficult to share thoughts with each other. The between faster life and no one to talk factor could be a reason for suicides cases.

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Cope Up
Always ask for Help

Your life is very precious and makes sure to make the best use of this precious life. Different people face different mental illnesses and methods to deal with this life claiming threats are also different. 

Highlighted here some of the best and effective methods to deal with mental illness:

Professional Help

World Mental Health Day


There should be no shame in asking for professional help. You can talk freely about how you are feeling, your negative thoughts, the ignorance you are facing and other things to makes heart feels lighted. In many countries, the government has introduced many helplines to counsel sufferers. Along with emotional support, they are best with medication thing. 

Talk to Friends and Family

World Mental Health Day


Friends and family are emotional pillars in one’s life. So approach them and talk your heart out. They might not help you with medications, but their moral and emotional support is enough for the new hopes.

Read about Mental Illness

World Mental Health Day

There should be no shame in admitting that you are having mental illness as anybody can get suffer from it. Once you read about the illness, you can meet alike people. Even after reading about it, you will realize that you are not the only sufferer. These people can guide you by sharing their stories and struggles of life.

How Can You contribute in preventing suicide?

Whether you are a teacher, manager, employee or homemaker, you can also save somebody’s life by counseling them about their condition and encourage them to fight with the situation. This year the Federation presents how to help mental health patients on various platforms.

Information for Teachers

Information for Health Worker

Guide for emergency responder

Information for bosses and colleagues to prevent suicide

Speak Out!

On this World Mental Health Day, we suggest you speak out your heart. Always remember that suicide does not help in solving problems as it makes life worst for your near and dear ones. For any health questions, keep coming to HealthClubFinder.