Meet Ramjit Raghav: World’s Oldest Father at 96

Ramjit Raghav, a 96-year-old man of Haryana, has fathered a healthy boy, and this makes him stand as the world’s oldest father. The earlier record was also set by him when he had his first child with his wife at 94. 

After fathering Vikramjeet, his first son, Ramjit, showed his wish to have a second child. And he fulfilled his wish when his wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 

Ramjit Raghav gives credit to his healthy diet as the secret to his long life coupled with a lack of alcohol and drug use. His diet includes 2 liters of cow milk, ghee, fresh & green vegetables, and chapattis. 

He has been a vegetarian throughout his life. Raghav was a wrestler when he was young and practiced celibacy throughout his life. 

World’s Oldest Father


Nowadays, people spend so much on food items in the name of a healthy diet, but the diet followed by Raghav shows us that healthy things are just near the grocery store in our area. Not all the expensive things make your body healthy; they are just natural and simple food items. Just by consuming these items and following daily exercise, you can have a healthy lifestyle. 

Raghav says, “I wake at 5 in the morning and go back to sleep at 8’o clock. During the day, I work in the fields and take around 2-hour afternoon nap”. 

He says, “I am healthy, and I love to have sex with my wife. I think Regular sex is essential for husband and wife, and when she asks, I will continue all night, but for the sake of my child, I have temporarily put our wants aside.”

Raghav is very vocal about his sex life; he says he does it thrice or even four times a night. He says his neighbors are jealous of him; they keep asking about his sex secret; however, he tells them it is all God’s will. 

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World’s Oldest Father


When arguing about his claim about age, Ramjit Raghav countered by recollecting the events of the 1929 pandemic that took many people’s lives in Uttar Pradesh in India. He also remembered the post-partition communal riots. So, this was his way of proving his age. 

Carrying the newborn in her lap, Shakuntala looked like a caring mother. She says, “My husband earns by working in the fields. And apart from it, he receives a 500 Rs. pension from the state government, which is obviously insufficient to take care of their young children

World’s Oldest Father


Raghav has big dreams for his children; he wants them to become high-post government officials. Both mother and father know that they must make sacrifices to make their children’s lives happy. And this includes sacrifice in their sex life as well. Raghav admits that he enjoys sex, but now his children are his priority. 

Talking about the wife, she loves Raghav equally and says, “I love him, and I care for him a lot; she is pretty sure that Raghav would be a great father.” 

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