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Hello folks, welcome to HealthClubFinder‘s “Write for us” page.

We guess you are here with the search term “health write for us” or “beauty write for us,” and you want to share a blog written by you with us. We appreciate the enthusiasm. However, before we move ahead, let’s take a look at the website’s overview.

On our website, you will find articles related to health care problems like physical health, mental health, dental (oral) health, diet, fitness, disease, beauty care, skincare tips, and guide, be it women’s, men’s, or kids. We also have an expert content writer team with a health industry background that curates the content with detailed research. 

We try to keep ourselves updated with all the health-related news. Go through our website, and you will get an idea of the type of articles we post. Read them to know the tone and detailed information we provide. Quality and solution providing is our main aim.

We expect content to be top-notch and qualitative.  Hence, we have come up with a set of guidelines, that will help you in curating the perfect content.

Guest Post Guidelines and Policies

We all know about the amount of time and hard work that goes into research for content creation. So before starting read the following pointers first:

Quality Requirements:

  • Ensure that the content you include is unique and original, plagiarism-free, and must contain quality information. Don’t try to send spun articles, our experts will know eventually.
  • Before you submit or even write the entire article, check whether that article has been already posted or not. The topic should not be already existing on our website if it is you will have to change it.
  • The minimum length of the article should be 800 words, and you are free to write as extensive as you want.
  • The only preferred language is English, as it is the most common one.
  • As you can see, our write for us page is also well structured. We expect content that is properly structured with subheadings, short paragraphs, and bullet points (wherever needed).
  • The last but most important one, the article you write should be easy-to-comprehend and engage the reader to the end.

Preferred Topics and Subjects

As said, our website aims to provide health-related needed information to everyone, regardless of age, gender, and other factors. So here’s the list of subjects on which you can submit guest posts.

As for diet, exercise, weight loss, or gain, you can even send us your own journey. Explain what you followed and who it affected your body and gave inexplicable results. Real-life transformations and examples do inspire people a lot.

Link Requirements and Policies

We have planned a few link requirements and policies so that we don’t receive any spammy articles to post. Take a look!

  • Your article should’ve at least one internal link to make the information easily accessible.
  • While researching the topic, if you think a particular link to another article (outside of yours and our website) will add value to the content, place it. We will check its authenticity and overall performance of that particular blog.
  • Don’t add any affiliated links in the article. We don’t accept them from the guest author’s side, if found any, they will either be changed or removed.
  • You can only add one single link that will take the reader to your page.
  • Last but not least, we have an author bio section in every blog. So you can provide us with your Author Bio for credibility. In Author Bio, you can add links to your social media accounts like, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. You will have to send us a descriptive bio, with your name and image.
  • The Comment Section is off in our blogs,

Post Image Requirements:

When you select the image to send, make sure it is allowed to take from the platform. You should’ve rights to the image you want to post in the article, if not cite the reliable source. The minimum dimension for the photo is 800*800 pixels.

The required header image’s size is 750*415. You can use Canva to create a header image.

Editorial Policies

Note that, we have the right to edit your content for grammatical errors. Don’t mind if we ask for too many changes. The main aim is to provide our readers with error-free and quality content. If you have stated, facts and figures mention the proof with it as a hyperlink or at the end of the content.


Don’t worry, we have an in-house SEO expert team that will work on the promotion of your content. It would be best if you also shared it on your social media to get better results.

Where to Submit?

Once, you have written the article submit us at healthclubfinder@gmail.com. Even if you have doubts about the topic and want to discuss it, ping us on the same email-ID with a brief synopsis of your idea.

If you have submitted the article, our content editor will read and review it. Whether it is good to go or needs change, we will notify you with the mail. Also, as soon as your content is posted, you will receive a mail with the live link and acknowledgment.

What are Search Terms?

Finding us and similar websites with the same niche is not that hard. You will have to type any of the following search terms in Google and hit Enter.

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We will be waiting for your mail. Thanks for taking an interest in Healthclubfinder, come back soon!

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