‘1 in 3 Die’: Wuhan Scientists Revealed New Coronavirus Strain ‘NeoCov’

The Wuhan district of China was the first place in the world where the COVID-19 virus was discovered in 2019. And since then, this deadly virus has given rise to the biggest pandemic of this decade all over the world. After more than two and half years of distress, deaths, and vulnerability throughout the world, the petrifying scenario is still not over yet. Recently, a team of scientists from Wuhan (the origin of Coronavirus) warned about a new strain of this virus, named NeoCov.

This strain has already been noticed to be spreading in South Africa. According to the reports created by Sputnik, a Russian News Agency, NeoCov has a high rate of transmission followed by a high number of deaths. So, it’s time to stay very cautious now!

However, the NeoCov strain of Coronavirus is not something new. It is just a mutated form of the original COVID-19 virus. This strain was combined with the MERS-CoV virus during the outbreaks in different countries of the Middle Eastern region from 2012 to 2015. It is very similar to SARS-CoV-2, which is the reason behind the spread of Coronavirus in humans during the recent pandemic.


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Coming to more information about the newly found NeoCoV strain, the scientists first saw this mutated form of Coronavirus among the bat population in South Africa. It has been noticed that the spread of that NeoCoV strain is there only in animals. But according to a preprint of a new study published on the bioRxiv website, the NeoCov strain and its close relative PDF-2180-CoV can infect human beings dangerously.

The findings of scientists from Wuhan revealed that the increasing potential danger of this new strain is because it can bind with the ACE2 receptor in a lot more ways than the original COVID-19 pathogen. And even worse, the antibodies in the bodies of people who have been already ill with the COVID-19 virus in the past or those who are vaccinated will not be able to protect them against the newfound NeoCov strain.


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So, we cannot overlook or ignore this new NeoCov strain. While we continue to wear masks, stay at home, maintain proper social distancing and take other precautions, it is possible to remain away from this dangerous strain of Coronavirus. Thus, we have to be very alert and follow all the pandemic protocols moving forward to save ourselves and our society from the biggest danger of this era.

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