A Glimpse into the Youngest Mother in the World

The story is all about – Lina Medina and the year 1939. Lina Medina was a five-year-old girl, and at that time, she gave birth to a baby boy that too a healthy one. Yes, you heard it right, a 5-year-old girl. 

Lina Medina came into the world in Ticrapo, Peru. Her parents were Silversmith Tiburelo Medina and Victoria Losea. The size of her mid-region expanded a great deal when she was 5 years of age, so her folks took her to the medical clinic. When specialists treated her, they were stunned that the young lady was 7 months pregnant.

At five years old, seven months, and 21 days, Medina got a second determination a month and a half later, and around then, she brought forth a child kid. Furthermore, this occurrence made her the youngest mother in the world to bring forth a youngster. Dr. Bussalleu and Dr. Colareta performed a notable medical procedure. 

The baby of Medina was healthy and weighed 2.7 kg or 6 pounds, and the mother was also healthy. Both of them were allowed to leave the hospital after a few days. 

A Rare Condition Called Precocious Puberty

Youngest Mother in the World

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Dr. Edmundo Escomel wrote a thorough report on her case for the medical magazine La Presse Médicale. It has every one of the insights about this pregnancy. In the report, it was referenced that the young lady had bosom improvement when she was only the age of 4. Her build showed sped-up bone development and extension of the pelvis by age five.

Lina Medina’s Baby’s Father: Who Was He?

Now, the people surrounding the incident were confused and wanted to know who was the father of this baby. A small girl could not tell everything about this, and the same happened when the authorities tried to find out who Medina’s father was. She was as clueless and unaware of it. 

There are many theories involved when it comes to the father of Melanie. According to one theory, agencies arrested their father of Melanie in this case as they had a suspect on him. However, he was released later due to a lack of evidence. According to one another theory, it was speculated that some locals would have attacked Medina near her village, but it was also not proved. 

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The World’s Youngest Mother Remains Silent

Youngest Mother in the World

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Many media houses were behind Medina and her family and even offered a lot of money to interview Medina. However, her family denied all these requests and money and disappeared from the locality. 

In young adulthood, Medina started working as a secretary in a clinic, due to which she got a good education, which helped her put her child in secondary school. Afterward, Medina wedded Raul Jurado, who acknowledged the obligations of the dad of Medina’s child. 

The name of Medina’s child was Gerardo, and he was raised by saying that he was his sibling of Medina. However, this falsehood doesn’t keep going long, as, at age 10, he discovered that Medina was his mom. At the age of 40, Gerardo died due to cancer. 

So, this was the story of the youngest mother in history – Lina Medina. 

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